Caitlin McGee

Writer, photographer, and freelance volunteer journalist for Equality365. Proud Pagan and lady lover :)

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Taken at Black Creek park in Rochester, NY.

Willkommen auf meinem Künstlerprofil "MagdalenaKunst - Kunst fürs Herz". Es freut mich, dass Sie meine Seite betrachten und ich sage ganz herzlich "Dankeschön" für Ihr Interesse an meiner Malerei. Meine Website ist:
Sie finden mich auch auf:

Welcome to my artist profile "Magdalene Art - Art for the Heart". I am glad that you have a look at my page and I say sincerely "Thank you" for your interest in my paintings. My Website is:
You also find me on:

Image Composer / Photographer / Illustrator

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Taken at Letchworth State Park in Rochester, New York.

I started with photography in my late 50`s. So I guess I am a late bloomer. I love birds and wildlife the most. I also do some fractal and digital art which I also enjoy. I am a self taught photographer and am always trying to learn something new and perfect my craft.

Being out in nature and watching wildlife is fabulous for my soul. I will continue on my journey through life perfecting my creative spirit.

Chris is an avid Photographer who will photograph anything that will give an image worth having. He does scenic landscapes,buildings of interest,castles, fauna and flora, domestic animals as well as exotics.


Barbara St. Jean was a Financial Counsellor who achieved high awards in the area of Ethical Funds investing. Before entering the world of finance she worked as a Theater Dancer and Choreographer before opening her own dance studio. After leaving the investment industry in 2001 she became a Senior Editor and Art Director for a National Magazine and soon she decided to turn her attention to her own artistic endeavors by concentrating on her visual arts talents. She comes from a long line of artists well known around the world, one of which was Hans Bohme of Rothenberg. Barbara is a Sculptor, Painter, Photographer, writer, and visionary. Most recently she has opened her own Gallery and Gift Shop in Grand Forks, BC where she resides.
Saint Jean Art Gallery and Gift Shop
5695 Cooper Rd – Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H4 – – 250 442 2950

Meine große Leidenschaft ist die Natur. In meinen Bildern versuche ich, mit fröhlichen Farben,ihre Schönheit einzufangen.
Meine Bilder finden Sie auch unter: Kalender 2013

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I don't think this cow wanted her picture taken... she was giving me and evil look lol.