Camila Di Rago

Fashion designer and freelance illustrator from Brazil. Bachelor in Fashion Business and doing Post-Graduation in Visual Arts.

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Well to say about me let me make it simple..
I'm an artist inspired by fellow artists!

Born in Tehran,i started painting at the age of 16.At 21 I entered the University of Art and Architecture,and graduated at 2001.Moved to Austria in 2001,and started photography in all began with my desire to travel,and capturing each moment i was living in,all those beautiful and exotic places,people and culture,and even the smell,i like to capture every possible moment and is a way to eternity!

The birth:
Somewhere between socialism and something else, in the very begining of the upcoming long and cold winter in 1985 was born Miroslav with a marvellous for the time almost 5 kilograms weight. The creation of Miro: Till the age of 8-9 the primary observation from teachers was to accept Miro as infant prodigy, BUT some years elapsed and they found that they are and were terribly wrong. For the biggest regret mostly for Miroslav, he didn't evolve at all from then... the facts tell that it is either because of PC games or the invading age of the naked women on the home screen...
I've been drawing since the age of 16-17. I was playing games for more than 10 hours a day when suddenly my biggest inspiration came from Warcraft 3. Samwise and his art team inspired me to start pushing the pencil very hard.After lots of long, painful nights of hard work and skills improvement I decided to step into digital art. I was hired as a concept and texture artist at I still work there on an ambitious projects and search for fresh ideas...

Ich Fotografiere seit ca. 3 Jahren , meine Interessen liegen in der Natur , Makros , Blumen , Tiere , Landschaften

I am a student currently attending SUNY ESF majoring in conservation biology. I am a majority self-taught photographer who loves to use aviation and nature as subjects. I appreciate any feedback or comment on my works because I am looking to learn from the community.

Graphic designer and illustrator

I am Sandeep Ramje, a visual artist from Indore, India. I am a Graphic Designer work for an advertising agency.
Incline towards arts consider myself as an artist who can do graphic, web, illustration and photography.

I'm a 20 years old italian girl..
I love art and photography..

Hi my name is Stefan I work for a big newspaper in South-Africa, I wide range of designing as you will see!! Enjoy!!

Richard Spurlock is a Denver, Colorado freelance photographer who takes pleasure in capturing a variety of natural subjects from landscapes to extreme macro. His exuberance for capturing new experiences often has Richard setting up shop in river waters at the mouth of a waterfall, scrambling up a boulder or down a steep embankment, and wading through soggy marshland just to get that perfect shot.

I am Francesca Dizon, a graphic artist from the Philippines.
I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Multimedia Design and Animation. I use Adobe Photoshop as a major tool in designing.

Geboren in Itzehoe, aufgewachsen in Husum / Nordsee, Ausbildung und anschließende Tätigkeit als Dipl.-Finanzwirt. Wohnort und Atelier in Stralsund.

Künstlerisch tätig bereits im Rahmen von Kunst-Projekten am Gymnasium. Selbststudium der Malerei in den Jahren danach. Seit 1994 Kunst am PC. Seit 2001 als Maler tätig - freie, experimentelle Malerei. Seit einiger Zeit auch fotografisch tätig mit Schwerpunkt Digitalkunst /-design am PC.

Photographer and Filmmaker based in London.

I am a full time artist.I paint people,mostly women.I also teach Life Drawing and portraiture at various institutions.I graduated in painting from Chelsea college of Art, London in 1991.having worked in Rome,Italy for eight years I am now based in Leicester, England.