Piotr Arendzikowski

Hey, my name is Piotr (Peter) Arendzikowski.

I'm a drawer, I'm a painter, I'm a designer. I have to admit that I feel particularly best as an illustrator. I love sketching, digital painting and creating strange things from other worlds sometimes adding a little bit of emotional background.

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Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Polish Winged Hussar hochgeladen

Artwork presenting Hussar on the battlefield, fighting against a group of cossacks.

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Two humming birds hochgeladen

A bit surreal piece, inspired by Salvador Dali's art.

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Elven chamber hochgeladen

A little piece presenting old fantasy style mixed with sci-fi details.