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„And who shall I say is calling? 06“

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There was one of the most difficult problems to be managed I've ever been faced with in photography:
It was my definitive intention to spell out the woman's ageing process WITHIN this final sequence of a few pictures when she is to be called home:
While still a young girl sitting in the pews on the first photograph; and finally as an old woman in the moment of death on the last picture - all of this while a one and single movement when she is turning her head to look up to her Maker - a look expressing fear, emergency and endless wondering.

As always it is my need to dedicate this work to incomparable Mr. Leonard Cohen who explained life and death as well by his songs over decades.

And I want to dedicate these pictures to my father, too; who has shown me the way to photography over decades.

Very special thanks to Coco de Mer: for her unbelievable performance, her wise conceptual confidence and her endless patience braving a shooting for net 17 (seventeen) hours.    Very special thanks as well to Mino for his cautious and accomplished helping hands, to The Evangelical Church of Heiligenfelde and last but not least to my beloved wife Andrea for her backup and being.    Germany, July 2011    The whole story you will find at

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This is truly amazing photo... As amateur, I have great respect for your work
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