Alex Vita

Photography is my full-time passion!

Living in Bucharest, Romania, I have graduated from the
Politehnica University (Automatic Control and Computers).
After several successful projects, I've decided to leave the IT field
in order to pursue my passions.

Since then, I'm fortunate to run my own photography projects and
have clients that I enjoy working with. In 2010 I have also become a member of the Art Photographers Association of Romania (AAFR).

Through constant research and attention to lighting & composition,
I am continuously seeking new ways to bring my thoughts and feelings
into my images.

My instincts and creative eye always have the final word in what I do. Images of mine are sometimes known for intense use of colour
or for transmitting a surreal mood.

I am self-taught and driven, working hard to create vibrant galleries
for you to see and interpret.

Currently available for freelance work!

If you'd like to hire me or simply talk about photography,
head over to my contact page.

All works by Alex Vita