Alfred Freddy Krupa

The study of painting began at a former pupil of the famous Polish painter and member of the “Young Poland” movement prof.Jozef Mehoffer (1869-1946), his grandfather and renowned Yugoslavian watercolor painter prof. Alfred Krupa (1915-1989). At the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb studied with prof. Josip Biffel, Nikola Koydl, Vasilije Jordan and Zlatko Kauzlaric, where he graduated in 1995. At the Research Institute of Fine Arts/Tokyo Gakugei University-Tokyo in 1999 stayed in the class of prof.Akira Itoh. Since 2004 teaches fine art group of subjects at the Secondary School Duga Resa- graphic design department. In 2011 Krupa won the royal patronage of painting of HM King Solomon Gafabusu Iguru I (Uganda). About Krupas work wrote art critics and historians Muic, Baldani, Spoljaric Albaneže, Plevnik, Berlakovitch, Španicek, Stergar and others, and is represented in public and private collections in Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Bosnia and Croatia. Member of the Croatian Association of Artists-Zagreb

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