Charlotte Lake

I love making photos, and doing video work. I continue to increase my skills in photography and visual effects through classes and workshops. I live and work in the Netherlands and love to travel and I am steadily increasing my travel photography portfolio. In addition, I spend a lot of time in the studio working on food photography. I sell most of my work through stock agencies, as well as doing freelance assignments in photography and video production and fine art print sales.

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Selection of winter vegetables including savoy cabbage, broccoli, sweet lightning squash, in a trug harvesting basket

Basket of winter vegetables including broccoli, sweet lightning squash and potatoes.

Close up of pistil and stamen of tuiip

Slice of fruitcake made with raisins and cup of tea

Ingredients for whole grain healthy bread, whole wheat flour, rolled oats and wheat germ with milk and eggs.

Apple peels with paring knife, shallow depth of field

Ingredients and cooking utensils used for making apple crumble

Ingredients for baking, pecans with cinnamon sticks and othe ingredients for apple crumble

Heart full of healthy olive oil.

Charlotte Lake has uploaded Two Hearts

Two hearts, one wrapped in gold foil, one hidden.

Chopped and whole beetroot on cutting board.

Charlotte Lake has uploaded Mash

Large bowl of mashed potatoes viewed from directly above.

Single serving and larger dish of apple crumble cooling on rack, viewed from above

Ingredients for red lentil curry with aubergine and cherry tomatoes.

Battenburg cake for afternoon tea

Warm chocolate just poured into chocolate form.

Red and yellow apples on table viewed from above.

Toasted sunflower seeds for sprinkling on salads.

Healthy vegan barley dish with mushrooms collard greens, thyme and rosemary.

Chocolate hearts, some wrapped in gold foil, close up