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Ulrike lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Als freie Künstlerin und Designerin umfasst ihr Arbeitsfeld sowohl Malerei und Grafik, als auch Projekte für Film und Theater, Illustration und Konzept Design. Mehr zu Ulrikes Arbeiten findet ihr unter

''Willkommen in meiner Bilderwelt!'' :)

Ulrike lives and works in Berlin. Her field of work comprises graphical art work, illustrations, conceptual and costume designs as well as their practical realization.
More artwork and informations about Ulrike you can find on

''Welcome!'' :)

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”beautiful! looks like the work of enki bilal a little bit!“
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I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, co-founder of Orka Collective. I get my inspiration from nature, magic, animals, people and from everything that happens around me.

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drawing of the principal caracter in the famous Maupassant's book, "Bel Ami".

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this drawing, from the production "Bestiaire" is one of my favorite. This animal is the rebel chief from one of my dreams.

this drawing, I made it when i was in the army just for one day. The General just looked like a lion, powerful, imposing.. but also narrow-minded.
this caricature is the beginning of my production called "bestiaire"

this drawing ( Indian ink on paper) is the mach between a dream and a famous french play on words.
"biche" means "doe" in french