Inese Poga

Art has always been a big part of my existence, and it is hard for me to imagine what it would be like not to paint, draw or sketch. I am a self-taught artist for the most part because I used to study art only during high school and university. Drawing comes to me naturally as breathing, and once I took the pencil in my hands when I was about 3 years old, I never actually put it away. There have been numerous competitions, many commissions and lots of en plein air painting back in Europe.
I relocated to Canada in 2004, and had to start out from scratch once again because I couldn’t take anything much with me from my native country Latvia (Europe).
My style is best described as romantic realism, because my paintings often are rather emotional portraits of my surroundings than their realistic rendering. There is one colour which absolutely does not fit in my perception of world, and that is black. I have never used black in any of my paintings. I love light, uplifting and lively colours, and as I stated when I was twelve, unbroken and harmonic lines. I called such lines “completed lines”. I have followed my statement ever since. I am trying to implement in my paintings harmony and balance which was characteristic for ancient roman art, and I also prefer mutually complimenting colour palette. These are my internal restrictions, and I do not think they are disturbing in any way.
My teachers had always emphasized the importance of painting real objects and scenes without using photos. There were no computers when I started to paint, so I developed a natural ability to sketch and draw fast anytime, anywhere. In order to create large paintings fast I have to use a matching medium. Nothing is faster than watercolour, in my opinion. My only reference most often is the real object or pencil sketch. When flowers or fruits lose their freshness, I am applying my visual memory or imagination to recall the scene. I am more comfortable with larger scale paintings (full sheet watercolour paper or close to that).
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