Juan Montenegro

The majority dictates what is the norm: they are content with the standard, never questioning, always following. There are few that move beyond the norm, and let creativity flow without restrictions. Conejonegro *blak•rab•it is the part of the few, the rare, what has moved beyond confinements. Conejonegro is the opposite of normal.

We all live differently, however, our lives may cross paths with one another for brief connections. Conejonegro is willing to make those connections cross more often. You perceive us as how you see us. If we stay consistent, than our ideas will relate and stay true to a culture that changes incessantly.

Through inspiration gathered and nurtured over time, Conejonegro is representative of unlimited creativity; delivering messages through complex and straightforward simplicity from moments of clarity. Inspired by the life we lived, the life we’re living, and the life ahead.


Inspired by the life we've lived,
the life we're living,
& the life ahead

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