Kareem Rizk



Born 1982, Melbourne, Australia. Collage and mixed media artist, illustrator and designer. Living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduate of Monash University with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (2004).

Since his shift of focus to fine art and illustration in 2006, Rizk has been cutting and pasting his way towards a unique and contemporary style of collage and mixed media art that has earned him international recognition, working with numerous galleries as well as fine art publishers and creative companies all around the world.

While collecting mostly old magazines and books but also scraps from torn billboards and street posters, discarded tickets, postcards, brochures, manuals and catalogues, Rizk has also been sorting through op shops, flea markets, garage sales and the occassional city street to find the ephemera and images that have found their way into his very nostalgic and weathered collage and mixed media works.

Working mediums have included paper collage, acrylic paint, oil pastel, pencil, solvent transfers and acrylic transfers. The work is highly textured and often multi-layered with a nostalgic and weathered quality. Rizk’s works can often be vibrant with colour, while others display a very refined palette.

Working methods have also extended to digital collage with a very gritty and realistic display of texture and layering. The digital work began as an experiment in blurring the line between handmade collage and digital collage. The digital work however only makes up a fraction of the working practice. The majority of the work is original handmade art.

Other work includes freelance illustration, graphic design and fine art commissions for various clients including art buyers and collectors, editorial publications, galleries, universities, the boutique fashion industry and the music and entertainment industry.

Exhibitions include solo shows and group shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, Vancouver, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. Rizk’s work has also been published in numerous art magazines and books and his work is held in private collections worldwide.

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