Keflouis XIV

Since 2001, he has been painting in several countries (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, India, China, Borneo) from small pieces to BIG walls, including stickers and posters, to spread his art everywhere. Keflione acquired a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from St Martins London, after which he decided to travel, see new places, meet new people and learn new things that would later influence his work.

Typography has always been really important to Keflione. He has designed and released his own fonts "Flatirone" & "Helveticaramond".

He's now mostly working in black & white, with Adobe Illustrator, to create high detailed Illustrative-typographies. Influenced by his street-art background, his designs are precious and delicate. Being multidisciplinary, he works on almost anything and everything he can get his hands on.

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