Marina Ovsyannikova

Marina was born in 1982 in Leningrad, lives and works in St.-Petersburg.

In 2001 has ended Optiko-mechanical professional lycée, in 2005 has arrived on faculty of film- and photoart of the St.-Petersburg state university of culture and arts.

The author develops the original concept in a photo where the love to ignorance, to secret is proclaimed. It always stories, and is frequent — fables. To tell and surprise — the main idea of the author.

Participation in exhibitions:

The St.-Petersburg City Palace of Creativity Young, 2001

Photo-exhibition within the limits of festival of films of students of film schools "Has begun", the cinema House, 2005

Face Controle Awards, Club "?????", 2006

«A female sight at daily occurrence», Minsk, the cinema House, May-June 2007

Personal «Men ??», film- and photoart ??????? chair, 2007

Participation in video-competitions:

Film festival of student's films ??????? "Mirror", 2007

2 international film festival «the World of knowledge», 2007

Festival of independent student's films Filmfest, SPb, 2008

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