Misha Gulko

Misha Gulko is a New York City based photographer.

Innate interest in Visual Arts made Misha pursue a degree in Photography and Film Production which he obtained in 2004.

A profound understanding of the key elements of successful photography and film-making, such as lighting techniques and commanding knowledge of equipment, makes Misha a true professional in his craft.

His unique ability to capture the essence of the subject through subtle expressions and paying close attention to small details contributes to his distinguished style.

Misha’s sharp eye combined with natural curiosity and openness to different outlooks, gives him an ability to find unusual perspectives and defines him as a photojournalist.

Recognized by major web and print media publications (i.e. Rolling Stone, New York Post, Daily Mail, People Magazine, The Sun) Misha continues to strive for ever higher level of professional and artistic exposure.

Misha Gulko is a freelance photographer / filmmaker and open to collaboration and commercial propositions.

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