Nic Squirrell

Artist, illustrator, chocolate eater.

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Geometric abstract pattern formed from painted watercolor petals in shades of blue.

Geometric watercolor painted pattern formed of pink triangles.

Abstract geometric watercolor painting of yellow circles forming a pattern

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Joy

A happy riot of warm summer colors and abstract organic shapes.

Ink drawing of a single white chrysanthemum on a splashy raspberry pink inky ground.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded March Bird

A blue patterned bird perched in a garland of leaves and flowers singing in the spring.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Hayfever

Watercolor flower painting in pink and blue.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded A is for...

Watercolor painted initial A with flower decoration.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Tea Cups

Anyone for a cup of tea? Mine's an Earl Grey.

Illustration of eight vintage china tea cups.

Coldrum Long Barrow #coldrumlongbarrow #kent
by nicsquirrell

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Summer Sky

Summer sky #clouds #summer #sky #nicsquirrell #af #icnature
by nicsquirrell

Watercolour #watercolour #watercolor #art #paint #painting #nicsquirrell
by nicsquirrell

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Cider

Time for a cider #makeartthatsells #nicsquirrell #cider #ice #iccloseup #icfoodanddrink #sd
by nicsquirrell

It's wine and beer o'clock. #makeartthatsells #evening #wine #beer #cheers
by nicsquirrell

A sailing ship rides the waves as tentacles reach out from the sea.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Nougat

Abstract art with geometric shapes in delicious nougat colors. Yum.

Watercolour painting of bright and fruity jellies.

Cuckoo clock and woodland detail in a folklorique style. Happy and fun.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Party Owl

Owl parties are the best parties.
Quirky patterned retro style owl print in a party hat with a party whistle.