Nic Squirrell

Artist, illustrator, chocolate eater.

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Watercolor painting of flowers in an English meadow scattered to form a pattern on a white background.

A portrait of a very smart ginger cat in a suit and tie and bowler hat.
This cat means business.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Sir Fox

A portrait of a gentleman fox.

Ink drawing of a quirky cat in a garden of floral doodles.

A deer grazes in a frosty forest landscape

A white hare leaps through a green wild flower meadow.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Oh Deer

A deer grazing in the forest amid trees, pine cones, birds and other such woodland stuff.

Watercolor painted birds and blossoms in shades of pink, red and orange.

Watercolor pink flowers blooming all over the page.

Cute and quirky dog wearing a hat with antlers and winter holiday decorations.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Sea Bed

Abstract painting in a pattern of organic shapes in pink, coral, red, aqua, blue and sea green.

Peaceful and calming.

Geometric abstract pattern formed from painted watercolor petals in shades of blue.

Geometric watercolor painted pattern formed of pink triangles.

Abstract geometric watercolor painting of yellow circles forming a pattern

Nic Squirrell has uploaded Joy

A happy riot of warm summer colors and abstract organic shapes.

Ink drawing of a single white chrysanthemum on a splashy raspberry pink inky ground.

Nic Squirrell has uploaded March Bird

A blue patterned bird perched in a garland of leaves and flowers singing in the spring.