Ursula Findling

Klassische Malerei, Grafik und deren Verbindung sind meine Passion. Die Basis der freien oft sehr experimentell angelegten Farb- und Formenspiele ist das Erleben der Natur und der Stofflichkeit dieser Welt.

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Beate Zoellner ist seit 2004 selbständige Fotojournalistin und Buchautorin. Zuvor arbeitete sie rund 20 Jahre als festangestellte Redakteurin bei diversen Printmedien und für eine TV-Nachrichtenagentur.
Fotografische Schwerpunkte sind die Landschaften ihrer norddeutschen Heimat, dabei ganz besonders die Insel Sylt. Weil sie bei ihren Fotostreifzügen oft von ihrer Mops-Hündin "Hilde" begleitet wird, rutschte der kleine Vierbeiner mehr und mehr in den Fokus und drängte sich so als zweiter fotografischer Schwerpunkt in das Portfolio von Beate Zoellner.

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Mareike Böhmer ist tagsüber Mobile-App-Designerin, in der Freizeit reicht ihre kreative Leidenschaft von grafischen Designs bis hin zur Naturfotografie. Ob geplant oder aus einer spontanen Laune heraus - Ihre grafischen Kunstwerke haben eines gemeinsam: sie sind meist sehr farbenfroh, geometrisch abstrakt und mit unterschiedlichsten Texturen versehen. Mareike lässt sich von den klaren, zeitlosen Linien skandinavischer Formen sowie von der lebhaften Welt der urbanen Street Art in ihrer Lieblingsstadt Berlin inspirieren. Die Natur liefert ihr ebenfalls zahlreiche Ideen für ihre Werke. So verwandelt Mareike Bäume, Blätter, Blumen und auch Wolken in grafisch anmutende Fotografien.

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Sabrina Tibourtine wurde 1979 in Paris geboren und wuchs gut behütet im Sauerland auf. Nach mehreren Europaeskapaden, einem gescheiterten Kunstgeschichts-und-einem geglückten-Designstudium arbeitet sie seit 2005 als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin unter dem Namen "EINE DER-GUTEN" in Köln. Sabrina Tibourtine lehrte ausserdem an der Hochschule Niederrhein “Animation und Handzeichnung”. ” 2008 gewann sie den Alternativen Medienpreis für ihr Minisprech Projekt.

Hochschule Niederrhein (Kommunikationsdesign)
University of East London (Graphic Design)

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Martiniano Ferraz is an architect . It was during trips he discovered the pleasure of photographing subjects such as nature, urban, landscapes, aviation and architecture.

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Freelance photographer based in London, UK.

For signed limited edition truly beautiful art-prints visit:

Originally from Norway, but after three years in Maidstone UK and equipped with a BA (HONS) degree in photography, have been working as a freelance photographer and retoucher in London since 2000.

Fotograf aus Süddeutschland.

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Paul is a painter and illustrator. His work is poignant and evocative and draws inspiration from mythology, the low-brow movement and abstract expressionism.

Das Bild vom Augenblick ist der grundlegende Reiz unserer Phantasie, durch den alles an Sinn gewinnt!

Ausrüstung: Olympus E-30

Thomas Schaefer (, geboren in Norddeutschland. Studium der Geographie, Tätigkeit als Verleger und Grafiker. Lebt und arbeitet in Bremen. Fotografiert als Autodidakt seit den 80er Jahren. Aktuelles Medium: Digitale sw und Farbfotografie. Serien über New York nach mehrmaligen Aufenthalten dort. Dazu mehrere Publikationen und Ausstellungen in Vorbereitung. Bevorzugte Sujets: Street Fotografie und Architektur. Außerdem Landschaften und Portraits. Agenturen: u.a. gozooma Hamburg.

Ich freue mich über Rückmeldungen zu meinen Werken!

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Thank you for looking at my photographs, I'm a photographer based in Glasgow and I began photographing Scotland’s beautiful landscapes and seascapes around 2007 in earnest, shortly after purchasing my second DSLR. As well as landscapes I am also passionate about photographing birds, wildlife and night photography.

I like my photographs to look as natural as possible and the way the camera recorded them, therefore I keep post-processing in the digital darkroom to a minimum. I do, however like to experiment with ND and GND filters to increase exposure time in daylight for cloud movement and to smooth out water.

I currently use a Canon 5dMKIII for all my landscape work and wildlife. Lenses include a Canon 17-40mm f4.0 L, Canon 70-200 f4.0 L and a Canon 400mm f5.6 L. I also use various filters by Hoya and Lee.

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I'm Mielle. I illustrate things.

Ursula Findling is now following Mati Klarwein

Abdul Mati Klarwein was born in Hamburg on the 9th of April 1932, to a Jewish architect father from Polish origins, and a German opera singer mother. The three of them fled to Palestine when he was two years old after the rise of Nazi Germany.

“I am only half German and only half Jewish with an Arab soul and a African heart”

(Later for a time Mati adopted the name of Abdul Mati Klarwein: "He wanted to have both a Muslim and a Jewish name: he was the healer," said a friend).

In 1948, Mati and his mother moved to Paris where he enrolled at the Académie Julian having previously dropped out of school in Israel and been sent at the age of 15 to an Art college in Jerusalem. He later studied with painter Fernand Léger, who introduced him to the art of Salvador Dalí, Buñuel, and the world of surrealism. Later in his life, he befriended Dalí, writing about his bizarre encounters with Salvador’s sexual behaviours in his book “Collected Works 1959-1975”. In Paris, he also met Viennese fantastic realist painter Ernst Fuchs."Ernst insisted on teaching me his mixed technique of Van Eyck and the Flemish school. I learned it in one week and sold every one of my paintings ever since."

With Paris as his base Mati spent long periods of time traveling, painting portraits during summers in Saint Tropez and, together with his father, who had recently won the competition to build Israel’s Parliament, the Kneset, he started to build a house in the small village of Deia, Majorca, having fallen in love with this place during a short visit, invited by archeologist Bill Waldren. In Deia he also became good friends with the poet Robert Graves, who was followed by many other artists who settled in this small community.

Klarwein moved to New York in 1965. By then his work was considered to be inspired by surrealism and the so-called psychedelic movement of the time. However, it was more his extensive traveling and wide interests of non-Western deities and symbolism that inspired his art more than the use of psychedelic drugs. His friend Timothy Leary once stated, that judging the character of his paintings, “Mati didn’t need psychedelics!” During his New York years he created paintings such as Bitches Brew, commissioned by Miles Davis for his landmark album of the same title. He also completed many portraits of people such as John F. Kennedy, his friend Jimi Hendrix and other important characters of the time, and finished his large scale project, The Aleph Sanctuary, a cubic temple of all religions, featuring 68 paintings, representing some Biblical passages such as “Anunciation” (1961) (later used by Santana for the cover of his best selling album, Abraxas), “Crucifixion” (1963-1965) represented by a highly sexual tree of life which caused quite a turmoil within the puritan white establishment as well as with the black panthers, “Nativity”(1962), “Grain of Sand” (1963-1965), and many other of Mati’s best known paintings. Later, Klarwein was forced to dismantle his Chapel and sell the paintings individually for economical reasons. The chapel was rebuilt in 1992 using aluminum structures to hold Plexiglas reproductions lit by rows of fluorescent tubes.

Mati settled in Deia in the early 80’s, working from his studio and home up in the northern costal mountains, surrounded by the landscapes that he so admired and painted in such astonishing detail as may be seen in his collection of “real-estate paintings” or “inscapes”. Also during these years, he created a number of “improved paintings” a collection that he had begun in the 1970’s, where he would purchase unwanted paintings in thrift stores and flea markets and bring them back to life by “improving” or recycling them, adding his own brush strokes to the originals, giving them a new meaning, often humorous, and if placed, always sharing both artists signatures.

Still best known for his art of the 1960s and 1970s, (featured in a vast collection of important album covers). Mati also worked more conventionally across a variety of genres including still life, landscape, and commissioned portraits. The amount of these are considerable, from Brigitte Bardot to Leonard Bernstein, Richard Gere, Geraldine Chaplin. Robert Graves, Peggy Hitchcock, Nan Kempner, Florence Van der Kemp, Yussef Lateef, Donyale Luna, the Mellon family, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Carmen Rossi, and many more…

Klarwein had two daughters and two sons.
Mati passed away on the 7th of March of 2002 in his home in Mallorca.

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PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris - BRONZE WINNER 2014

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Weiter Bilder von mir werden hier angeboten:

Photocircle - Bilder kaufen, der Welt helfen.

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Die Bilder sind nach Themen geordnet. Um sie zu sehen klicken Sie bitte auf:
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Freue mich, wenn Sie sich Zeit nehmen, in meinen Werken zu stöbern! Weitere Bilder finden Sie unter:
Christines Malerwerkstatt Simbach

Meine Arbeite sind Originalmalereien (Aquarelle, Acrylarbeiten, Zeichnungen u. Pastelle) und Fotografien, teils auch digital bearbeitet. Für die digitalen Bearbeitungen bediene ich mich nur von eigenem Material (Fotos und Malereien).
Verschiedene Aquarelle und Acrylarbeiten sind bei mir noch als Originale zu erwerben. Preise auf Anfrage. Bei Interesse erbitte ich Kontaktaufnahme.

Die meisten Fotos wurden vom bekannten Fotografen Otto Attenberger aus Pfarrkirchen "geschossen" und unterliegen genauso wie die Aquarell bzw. Acryl-und Digitalarbeiten dem Urheberrecht.
All photos are All rights reserved. They should not be reproduced in any way, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Copyright: Die hier gezeigten Werke unterliegen dem Urheberrecht (§ 23 UrhG) und dürfen in keiner Weise gespeichert, weiterverwendet, vervielfältigt oder kopiert werden.
All my photos are All rights reserved. They should not be reproduced in any way, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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David is an artist who loves colour and is inspired by artists such as Picasso. His pictures are acrylic on canvas and are always vibrant and full of colour with varying scenes and characters. David's pictures will always be a talking point in any room.

When I left a Munich advertising studio for Ireland, I dreamed of cheap whisky, hot geysers and a little adventure. Wrong. Very wrong indeed! The whiskey was expensive, the hot springs were in Iceland and the little adventure developed into a big adventure……. The land and it’s people were fascinating right from the beginning and after learning a few words of the English language, tinted with an Irish flavour, mind and soul were cleared of orderly Teutonic perceptions. The wind blew away the acquired photographic rules to let grey skies and green meadows convert easily into stunning pictures. The adventure was in full swing and I never missed the Bavarian studio.

Since then I have travelled to many exotic countries. During 1973, in recognition of my work, I was awarded the honours of a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (F.R.P.S.). In 1982 I started to build up my own Picture Library ( and for commercial reasons, moved to England. Here I soon discovered the Highland of Scotland which has so much in common with the Emerald Isle. The sunny beaches of exotic tourist destinations did not tempt me, hence it is no surprise that I still have not got around to buying a sensible sunshade for my camera. Instead of a sunshade I placed many other astonishing, yet creative ‘bits’ in front of my lenses in order to manipulate my work within the camera. Deception by photography ?

Then came the pixels: Rather than being satisfied with retouching existing photographs, I went in at the deep end and experimented with many different digital styles. The painted effects, created with the help of PhotoShop and Painter software, give a new meaning to "painting with light". Here, photography drifts into virtual painting and with each controlled brushstroke new ideas are opened up.

Mankind expressed creativity in the Stone Ages with a few colours derived from nature itself. The palette of shades evolved over centuries, today even the smallest of home computer, iThingy or smart phone lay claim to "millions of colours". Thus in photography, it is not the camera that creates the picture, but the person behind it - the computer technology is simply a medium helping us to express ourselves in ways we could have never envisaged a few years ago. May my selection of images cross barriers of language and culture, offering only inspiration.

Legal Note:

All Rights Reserved. All images in this gallery are the original work of Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S. All works for sale are the copyright of Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S. and as such, are protected by US and International Copyright laws. No images are within Public Domain, Printerest usage or linking to Printerest is NOT supported and NO FREE images are offered. Fair use is not an excuse. Purchased prints will NOT show any copyright watermarking.

If you wish to license any of my images for personal or commercial use you may do so at .

Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S.

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Marijke makes images. She paints, draws and makes photos. Her work shows peoples emotions, caracters, situations. All in clear, bright lines and colors, inspired by the bright light of the French Provence where she lives.