Advertising Archives now available at ARTFLAKES

Well, we could start an endless discussion about the old-fashioned gender structures – women cooking and men always joined by a sparkly sports car? – but advertising was kind of different during the last century, we know.

Which doesn’t change the fact that those 3000 pictures, the Advertising Archive has allowed us to sell on ARTFLAKES, simply are a feast for the eyes!

Sure, contemporary ads are interesting and nicely designed as well, but is there something better than looking at a cigar ad drawn in fine details? Or all those uber-colourful fashion photographies which are so attractive due to their colour combinations that irritate the eyes?

It’s not easy to decide which picture to take if you want to buy one of these adverts as art print, poster or canavs print – take the cooking housewife, the elegant travel offer or the classic washing powder ad? ARTFLAKES has them all!

The Advertising Archive