Sell your art online – Part II: Facebook

There’s no way past Facebook nowadays, so don’t underestimate the power of the web 2.0 and social media when it comes to market your art! Setting up a profile on Facebook is easy – afterwards it has to be taken care of, however.

1. Set up a profile
Registering at Facebook is free and easy. Type in your name and a valid email address and your profile will be online right away. Now upload a picture of yourself and start adding contacts – there’s so much to see and do on Facebook!

2. Create a fan page for your art
Once you have got your personal profile, you can add a fan page for your artwork or homepage as well. The difference to your normal profile is the fact that this page can be “liked” by everyone around the globe (by simply clicking on the “like”-Button), whereas on your private page you have to add them as friends. As soon as more than 25 people have liked your page you can change the URL into the one you like: E.g. you can find ARTFLAKES on Facebook if you type in

3. Add information about you and your art
People who visit your Facebook page want to know who is writing here – so add some information about yourself, your education and profession or how and when you started doing art. This is the place for adding links to your webshop, blog or homepage as well.

4. Add pictures
A Facebook page without pictures is boring, so go on and add some! This can be files of your artwork, pictures from exhibitions or your studio. Whatever you like.

5. Give status updates
Tell people what you are doing: Are you planning an exhibition? Are you working on a new piece of art? Use the status update field to add pictures, links or videos as well. All users who like your page can now like your doings or comment on your updates.

6. Add events
You can create events you would like people to join: Your fans can tell you whether they are going to come over or not. This is a great way to spread the word about exhibition or other events organised by you – and to see about how many people will turn up.

7. Use Apps
Facebooks has a lot of apps in store making it easy to integrate several handy functions: Use the question tool to encourage a discussion or do a little survey about your art. Use the video or picture tool to add more insights into your work or link your facebook page with Twitter.

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