Dot-to-dot drawing extreme

Remember when you were little and you painted in coloring books? There were always a few pages where you had to connect the dots to find out what you were actually looking at. Artist Thomas Pavitte creates in his latest project those kind of dot-to-dot drawings, but more for adults than children. Curious? Then continue reading after the click.

It all started apparently with the search for the world’s largest connect the dots puzzle. Not being able to find any such world record online, Pavitte decided to take matters in his own hands. By placing manually impressive 6,239 dots, he created a dot-to-dot drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. You might wonder now how long it must take to actually connect this dots, well, according to Pavitte it takes only about 9.5 hours (here is the timelapse video). Talk about dedication!

Since the Mona Lisa Project, Pavitte created two more brilliant dot-to-dot drawings. The first one is of Michael Jackson, in which he starts out with the young Michael and ends in the adult Michael, the second is of Barack Obama and his campaign slogan “Yes we can!”. By the way these two only take each about 45 minutes to finish!

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(via thisiscolossal)