Typewriter Art by Keira Rathbone

It’s been propably 20 years since I used a typewriter for the last time, if not even more. I think I still have one in my attic somewhere. But seeing Keira Rathbone’s work, I really want to use it again. Keira Rathbone, an artist from London, uses the typewriter in the same way an artist would use a pencil to sketch on a paper. It’s amazing!

Rathbone types out detailed drawings on a typewriter that she either purchased from a charity shop or got as a present, she owns more than 30 typewriters (!). Hundreds of symbols, letters and numbers replace brush strokes and pixels to create portraits or landscapes with complex detail. Creating one oft those beautiful works can take up to 90 hours.

Take a look at her amazing works!

(via myloveforyou)