Pakayla Biehn

I think, we all love the dreaminess of double exposure photography but seeing the effect captured in a painting is even more beautiful. Using oil on canvas San Francisco-based artist Pakayla Biehn creates intricate double-exposure photo realistic images that fuse dreamlike figures with the beauty of nature.

“Initially the double exposure effect was a direct image of what I experienced, but as I explored the theme more I began to discover a multitude of transcendental issues within the work. Most importantly the passage of time and thought, the eternal and durable, sustainability versus impermanence; these images very much serve as a metaphor for my relationships. Things that are usually, but don’t necessarily have to be, mutually exclusive.

These paintings are already visually confusing and I think that the only honest and clear way to paint them is photorealism. Coming from a mathematics background, I’m most familiar with having a final product known and plugging my variables in to create an equation that is coherent.” (via)

All images © Pakayla Biehn