Month: April 2011

Find: Alan Wolfson

Alan Wolfson collects photographies. Which is not extraordinay, I would say – but the fact that he rebuilds the depicted buildings and streets to the last detail is definitely something special!

“Follies Burlesk” the model shown above – remodelled of a picture as well – is titled. Wolfson is always eager not to forget even the slightest detail: posters peeling of, loose neon letters, creaking stairs and flickering garlands. The result often cannot be distinguished from the – far bigger – original! More of Alan Wolfson and his artwork can be found on his Homepage.

Find: Barry McGee

It’s quite colourful again with our find today: Barry McGee is a streetart and grafitti artist, whose work has been featured in galleries and museums as well – yes, some of his artworks were even exhibited during the Venice Biennale 2001!

In his pictures the California based artists depicts negative experiences made with urban life – which nevertheless doesn’t keep him from doing this with lots of colour!

Artwork pick of the week: The real Easter bunny

It’s Easter Monday – so I guess you won’t be surprised that we have chosen a matching artwork this week: A bunny!

If he is the one responsible for hiding all these painted eggs for Easter Sunday, hasn’t been clarified yet. But fact is, that you can buy the picture named  “The real Easter Bunny” by Alan Mahood at ARTFLAKES in the usual high print quality as art print, poster, canvas print, GalleryPrint or postcard.

Und das nicht nur zu Ostern!

Interview with Nom Kinnearking

Why and when did you start making art?
Drawing has been my great love since I was a child so it has just progressed from then. I used to draw girls and then wander our surrounding fields thinking about their lives.

What kind of art do you make?
I make paintings in oil on canvas and board of female figures that are a blend if reality and my imagination. They are most akin to the pop-surrealist/LoFi movement.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My main sources of inspiration are the objects that I have collected and use as props and the books I read. I am currently making a painting for an exhibition on works inspired by writers on the character Rosa from House of spirits by Isabel Allende. I also Love to have Tom Waits on in the background as he drums up a great atmosphere.

What does your usual work day look like?
It begins with a check of my emails and a lot of Coffee. Then I walk the dog and paint till
It’s time to walk the dog again, have tea and paint till I realise I should go to bed.

How would you spend your perfect Sunday?
I would get up early so I can work to be able to relax for the rest of the day, have a late breakfast of eggs Benedict out at as café in the city, go to see an exhibition, they meet up with friends for drinks. Then spend the evening watching movies with my boyfriend with our sketch books.

What is your favourite taste of chocolate?
I didn’t used to like chocolate, but now I like terry’s chocolate orange.

Show me you favourite artwork?
“The Absinthe Drinker” by Pablo Picasso from 1901.

Whom should we interview next?
My partner Adam Oehlers is a great illustrator and still surprises me. He has made a beautiful ghost story
called ‘Dear little Emmie’ with French publishers Au Fond Du Grenier coming out this year.

If you could have a coffee with a famous artist dead or alive who would you choose?
Ray Caeser. His computerised art works are incredible in detail, style and imagination, I would love to understand his process.

What is your Philosophy on life?
If you work hard, good things are sure to come.

Thank you, Nom!

More about Nom Kinnearking and her work can be found on her blog!

Sculptural Crayons made by Diem Chau

I guess, in kindergarten or primary school we all spent hours and hours painting papers with wax crayons. Well – at least I did. But then look at those crayons made by Diem Chau: Aren’t too precious to use them for silly drawings? Can you even draw with them?!

Diem Chau was born in Vietnam, but came to America with her parents in the late 1980s. Since then she has put all her creativity in creating art. And those crayons are certainly part of it!

(via Beautiful Decay)

ARTFLAKES has launched cooperation with DDR-Bildarchiv

“Berlins new centre”

It is already more than 25 years that the Berlin wall between the East and West Germany fell, celebrated by thousands of people – but still pictures from that time and the 40 years of “real-life socialism” are fascinating to look at. Thanks to a cooperation with the DDR-Bildarchiv (GDR picture archive), several stunning photographies are now available on ARTFLAKES  as art print, canvas print, GalleryPrint or poster.

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris – plan your shoot

There are several important things to have a look at if you want to take pictures of nature or landscapes: At what time does the sun not disturb my doings? When is sunset or sunrise? Thanks to the Photographer’s Ephemeris you don’t need to worry about these conditions of nature any further. Because it’s a tool for your computer, where you can plan exactly those conditions.

The program works with Adobe air and offers to show the calculated light conditions at the place you want to take your picture – and all calculations can be saved as well. The program is available for your usual pc or iPhone and iPad.

(via NoodleGei)

Find: Mills & Boon

Who doesn’t know this: tragic love scenes in front of kitschy sunsets, roaring waterfalls and palms blowing in the wind. Well, you might not know these scenes from your own life, but because they’re on the covers of those uber-kitschy novels.

The artist duo Oli + Alex has a liking for integrating this kitsch into their daily routine. Which is why Alex took his wife and reconstructed those cover to take pictures of it. I think they’re quite good at it!