Month: July 2011

Britt Bass

all photos by Morgan Blake

Summer has made only a short visit over here in Germany so far – so in order not to get depressed, I have been looking for colourful and joyful artwork in the wilderness of the world wide web. I found Britt Bass and her wonderful artwork.

Although her paintings are really good for spreading a bit of cheerfulness, I especially like the work you can see on the picture above: dozens of little paper shreds are put together to create a whole wall of, well, loveliness!

Embroidered books for penguin

I know I have shared a lot of stuff that somehow contained embroidery lately, but then this project is far too good to not share it: Penguin is going to published literary classics this autumn – whose surface is embroidered. Well, actually only the prototype was embroidered, but the final books will have a tactile writing as well, making it look like as if.

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Between art and fashion: Madame Peripeti

©Madame Peripeti

I wasn’t really sure whether we are talking about art or fashion here, when looking at the pictures taken by Madame Peripeti: Her stunning portraits are a mixture of fashion elements and art movements like surrealism and dadaism.

Peripeti – whose name originally is Sylwana Zybura – wants to explore the boundaries between fashion, art and the human being. And I have to say: She has been successful with that so far!

Artwork pick of the week: Vertical

Remember those times when taking a picture was really a special thing? With rolls of film being expensive, you had to decide whether an object was really worth taking a picture of. This feeling of old times is captured in this photography titled “vertical“, which we have chosen as artwork pick of the week today.

The picture was taken by Elvin Wong, who seems to be a huge fan of analog photography and old cameras. Which we all understand, I guess – wasn’t it nice to take a picture without directly knowing what it looks like and being able to delete it?

Interview with Wilson from Wiissa

“We’re just two teenage kids from a small island”, it is said on the website of Wilson and Vanessa aka. Wiissa. When they’re not sitting on the school bench, they spend their time taking impressive and vivid photographies. We asked them to talk to us about their pictures – and got Wilson to answer our questions.

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Interview with Jill Labieniec

A warm welcome for Jill Labieniec, please! We asked this woman from Seattle to join our ARTFLAKES-team for a little interview. And so she told us about her work and life as an illustrator, why she started making art and what her usual workday looks like. See more of Jill’s work on her blog and read more about her after the click!

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Art made of bills: Nava Lubelski

Have a guess: How many old bills, tax returns and unused and old pieces of paper could be found in your home? What to do with them? Nava Lubelski uses them to make art in form of flat paper sculptures.

Thus all those rejection letters or bills you wouldn’t mind if they were non-existent are turned into nicely – and not dangerous or depressing – looking sculptures. What a great idea!

Chris Dorosz: colour blob people

That colour is used for creating artworks is not a secret. But big colour blobs? For his life-sized portraits of families or single people Chris Dorosz uses thick paint, which is attached to plastic rods.

But no, not attached – the paint is allowed to go its own way, shaping itself like it wants to. The result is stunning: little colourful blobs arrange themselves to a composition that somehow looks like a human DNA!

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