Month: November 2011

Drawings by Sean Edward

Sean Edward is an Australian artist and illustrator living and working in Japan. After graduating from the Tasmanian School of Art, he decided to go to Japan. In his amazing drawings, which are clearly inspired by his new home, one can find a rich texture of traditional Japanese buildings, bridges and lanterns, all together creating the shape of people.

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Artwork pick of the week: Pair of Phoebes

Matthew Goik is an American illustrator who lives with his two cats in Arizona. We are totally in love with his illustrations. That’s why we choose one of his many awesome works as our artwork pick of the week. The inspiration for the illustration of a pair of phoebes, we are told in the description, is by the way a “rocking book of birds from North America”.

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Windows by Jim Darling

Window seats are usually the first ones taken on an airplane. There is just something magical about seeing the world from above disappear or reappear through the clouds. Artist Jim Darling seems to know that as well and created a cool series of oil paintings called “Windows” depicting aerial views of landscapes from airplane windows. His six paintings, display the classic airplane window complete with pull down shade, rendered in the classic style of the old masters. We like!

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If you ever wanted to know what happens to an egg, bubblegum, soap, crayons, gummy bears and starbursts when you put them in a microwave, Microwhat is a must for you. We don’t know who is behind this ingenious tumblr, but whoever it is sure loves to microwave things. Filled with amazing gifs and images of gamma fuelled combustion of crayons, make-up, fruits, soap and sweets, Microwhat is one of the most interesting tumblr we’ve seen in a while.

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Food paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay

Be not mistaken, the images you see here are not photographs, they are in fact paintings. Yes, you read correct, those are paintings! Dutch photo-realistic artist Tjalf Sparnaay paints mostly everyday objects such as food. He calls it “Megarealism”, part of the contemporary global art movement of “Hyperrealism”. Doing this for more than twenty years, he is today one of the most important contemporary painters working in this style.

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India Song by Karen Knorr

Artist Karen Knorr celebrates in her works the visual richness found in the fables, myths and stories of northern India, focusing on Rajasthan, by using sacred and secular sites to highlight the caste system, femininity and its relationship with the animal world. She photographed with an analogue camera interiors of palaces, mausoleums, and holy sites as well as a variety of live animals separately in sanctuaries and zoos across Rajasthan. By then combining both, she fuses high resolution digital with analogue photography.

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Sculpting Sound by Zimoun (video)

Zimoun, a young artist from Switzerland, creates sound pieces from basic components, often using simple mechanics such as mini motors, ping pong balls, cardboard boxes and wires, that when combined in the correct way they form an original orchestra of sounds. Amazing! Watch the video after the jump!

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