Month: December 2011

New Works by Thomas Jackson

American photographer Thomas Jackson has been working on a new series of images based on the idea of swarms. He has been shooting large hovering masses of objects, like cups and leaves, that float in the middle of open spaces in and around New York. And luckily for us, there’s more to come since this new series is a work in progress. We can’t wait.

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Idan Friedman

For his project “Ordinary people and disposable objects”, Israeli product designer Idan Friedman carved portraits of people of his everyday life, ranging from close friends to passers-by, into aluminium throw-away trays. His works reference commemorative medals and historic portrait miniatures typically set in gilt metal but introduce a contemporary twist.

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Trees by Müge Yilmaz

We love the simplicity of this photo series by Turkish, now Rome-based artist Müge Yilmaz called “Trees”. The photographs show tree cross sections taken from eight fallen trees in Rome’s historic city center. The photos, Yilmaz says, make an implicit comparison between the inside of a tree and the face of a person — both are marked by “signs of time and a passed life.”

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Currency Collage by Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner sure makes the most of his money! Like no other artist Mark Wagner understands the often overlooked one dollar bill, or as he calls it the “most ubiquitous piece of paper in America”. Using nothing more than an exacto knife and glue, the New York-based artist manages to take the great features of the American one dollar bill and cuts them up and rearranges the pieces into incredible art pieces showing scenes, animals, plants and faces. Amazing!

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Soft Guerilla by Kyle Bean

Young Brighton-based artist Kyle Bean (previously here) has just published another wonderful series of photos on his website. It’s a series of weapons made from harmless materials he created for CUT Magazine for an article on ‘Guerilla Gardening’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’. The weapons are made from various materials (some of which are edible) like jelly, ice cream, feathers and bread. We like!

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Jim Sanborn

For his “The Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries Series” photographer Jim Sanborn took long exposures photographs of enormous light projections in various locations in Utah, Arizona, Oregon and Ireland. Amazing.

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The Human Printer

When you liked Miguel Endara’s work, you will also like The Human Printer. The Human Printer is a group of people that prints CMYK and B&W dot pattern photos by hand, dot by dot with markers. Unlike any other printer The Human Printer creates unique, individual images each time it prints. Throughout the printing process The Human Printer assumes the role of the machine and is therefore controlled and restricted by the process of using CMYK halftones created on the computer.

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Pakayla Biehn

I think, we all love the dreaminess of double exposure photography but seeing the effect captured in a painting is even more beautiful. Using oil on canvas San Francisco-based artist Pakayla Biehn creates intricate double-exposure photo realistic images that fuse dreamlike figures with the beauty of nature.

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