Packaging Tape Art by Mark Khaisman

Ukranian-born artist Marc Khaisman uses an unusual medium to create his art: packaging tape. His large images, are made from layer upon layer of translucent packaging tape, and are applied to clear Plexiglas and placed in front of a light box to give the image shadow and depth. By layering the tape, Khaisman is even able to portray detailed facial features.

“My Tape Art is a conversation with light. I started it like a traditional stained glass artist, but with tape: I found I could continue my conversation with light, but in a more expedient manner. I might have never thought of this medium if not for my working in stained glass. Yet, tapes happened to be much more than just a replacement of the stained glass medium. It miraculously bonded together all my previous experiences.” – Mark Khaisman

All images © Mark Khaisman (via)