Month: January 2012

Noemie Goudal

Paris-born, London-based artist Noemie Goudal creates beautiful installation-photographs using largescale paper backdrops, juxtaposed closely with the existing landscape and blurring the bounds of the real and the fictional.

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Tape Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

American street artist Mark Jenkins, who lives and works in Washington, uses ordinary packing tape to create life-size human or animal forms. He places the sculptures in urban space interacting with the surrounding buildings and public places that provide the context and set the stage. His works can be found around the world, from North and South America over Europe, Asia to the Middle East.

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Carl Kleiner

Stockholm-based photographer Carl Kleiner, who you might know from a series of IKEA-videos titled “Art of Cooking”, teamed up once again with IKEA for a new series of photographs. In intricate patterns, he arranged in a very clean and minimal way the Swedish brand’s newest kitchenware range and photographed it from above.

All images © Carl Kleiner (via)

Legends by William Hatch Crosby

Brooklyn based artist and illustrator William Hatch Crosby created a beautiful series of portraits covered in graphic, tribal, gouache markings. The markings remind a lot of traditional patterns used by the indigenous people of Australia, Africa and South America, which during ceremonies, would adorn their faces and bodies with clay, charcoal, and other natural pigments. This simple, yet striking portrait series, is titled “Legends”.

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Shane McAdams: Ball Point Pen Paintings

Shane McAdams, an artist and writer living in Brooklyn, NY, created stunning paintings by just using ball point pens and resin. His technique involves some sort of elaborate method in which the chosen pen has its cartridge removed and its contents blown out on panels before the whole lot gets taken to a tanning salon for a bit of UV light-blasting.

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Map Collages by Matthew Cusick

Have a look a these stunningly amazing collages by artist Matthew Cusick. Inspired by topography, he creates incredible works of art with map cutouts. His works show people and animals as well as freeways. He is using old maps from American world atlases and school geography books from 1872-1945, which he collected, as a surrogate for paint. Incredible.

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Kallima by Alex Kisilevich

Alex Kisilevich is a photo-based artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. He is a recent graduate of the MFA program in Visual Arts at York University and holds a BFA Photography from OCAD. For his series “Kallima” Kisilevich created images that contain examples of fakery, and disguise. A man for example is covered in a costume made of sticks, a woman has a mop stuck up her dress that acts as hair, and a cabinet is covered in the same pattern as the wall behind it.

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