Month: June 2012

Big Appetites

Big Appetites is a series of fine art photographs by American painter, photographer, writer and director Christopher Boffoli. Each artwork of the series features miniature figures engaged in a theatrical moment within a food formed landscape. The series is referencing both a cultural fascination with tiny things as well as an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food.

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Landscapes Carved Into Books by Guy Laramee

Guy Laramee is an incredibly talented artist with a broad range of skills from painting to music, composition and stage direction. The Canadian artist also creates incredible landscape sculptures out of books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. He transforms old thick books into incredible topographical features including mountains, caves, volcanoes and waves. Gorgeous!

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Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is one of the most renowned photographers of our time. He has shot over a million images spanning 35 years of which many are the most iconic photos of our time. McCurry is one of a few that has that amazing ability to capture stories of our shared human experience. He captures life as we know it, with all the struggles and the joy that comes with it. McCurry makes us look beyond ourselves and gives a profound appreciation for the incredible world we live in.

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JOOheng Tan

World champion sand sculptor JOOheng Tan was recently asked by a ad agency in Singapore to help create these impressive backdrops for an ad campaign. They asked JOOheng Tan to physically build three 18-ton sand sculptures to be used as backdrops in ads encouraging kids to get dirty. The backdrops he created are amazing. Watch the video after the jump to see how he did it.

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Thread Portraits by Kumi Yamashita

Artist Kumi Yamashita, who lives and works in New York, creates impressive thread portraits. Each portrait is constructed from a single unbroken black thread wound through a dense array of galvanized nails mounted on a painted white board, meaning that the darker areas within the portrait are formed solely from the density of the string. The series of portraits is called Constellations. If you like Yamashita’s work, check out also the works of Debbie Smyth and Seung Mo Park.

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Roy Nachum

Israeli visual artist and painter, Roy Nachum, creates photorealistic oil paintings that illustrate surrealistic images. His works employ Braille, a method that is widely used by people who are visually impaired to read and write, and a “double vision” technique that challenges those with sight to question the limitations of their vision. All the texts in Braille comprise poems written by the Nachum and are inspired by the paintings.

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Incredible Macro Photos by Shikhei Goh

Photographer Shikhei Goh,who lives and works on a small industrialized island called Batam Island, south of Singapore, loves macro photography. Calling himself a “macro addict” he creates incredible photographs of the local flora and fauna of Batam from turtles, lizards, birds, frogs and insects. See more of his great work here.

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Illustrations by MARYNN

Check out these awesome pencil drawings by French illustrator Marynn. The young graphic design student from Nantes creates great illustrations inspired by street style and fashion magazines. Only twenty one years old, she already has a consistent illustration style and works for different magazines. Impressive!

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