Month: July 2012

Interactive 3D Art Exhibition

In the Magic Art Special Exhibition held at the Hangzhou Peace International Conference & Exhibition Center in Hangzhou, China, you will not find signs saying “Do not touch”, it’s quite the opposite. To the delight of kids as well as some adults, visitors are explicitly encouraged to touch, take photos and interact as much as possible with the exhibits. The exhibition displays 3D art by 20 talented South Korean artists. The exhibition takes place until August 6, so if you’re around, don’t miss an opportunity to come and interact with these awesome 3D paintings.

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Gregory Euclide

Beautiful sumi ink paintings by artist and teacher Gregory Euclide. He paints these on a whiteboard during his 25-minute lunch break before having to wipe them clean again for the next class. The project is called Laid Down & Wiped Away and presents a series of fantastical scenes that amalgamate natural landscapes and architectural environments. Beside these great whiteboard paintings, Euclide also creates fantastic sculptures and installations. Make sure to check out his website.

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Illustrations by Dadu Shin

New York based illustrator Dadu Shin likes making pictures, looking at pictures and thinking about pictures. He also seems to have quite the liking for eating ice cream (who doesn’t, right?). Shin creates beautiful illustrations with sometimes weird and wonderful creatures, and stunning landscapes. For his illustrations, he uses simple muted colors which blend perfectly with each other. I am also really in love with the texture of his works and the simplicity.

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Craig Alan

American artist Craig Alan creates something more than your average portrait. He represents people as an amalgam of other people. He created a series of inventive portraits of iconic figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, whose faces appear to be composed of tiny pixels. Upon closer inspection though, you can see that the pixels are, in fact, people!

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