Month: January 2013

Stacked by Ai Weiwei

The newest installation by famed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei features over 760 bikes. The installation titled Stacked has derived from his countries favorite form of transportation, the bike. China, also a nation known for mass production of bicycles, sees each of the bikes in the installation produced by Forever – the most notable design in the country. Stacked is on display at the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy, through February 16th, 2013. The exhibition also features various sculptures, installations, videos and photographs by Ai Weiwei.

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Hikari Shimoda

Hikari Shimoda is a Japanese artist who attended the Kyoto Saga University of Art where she received her Associates of Art degree. Hikari’s work focuses on vibrant colors, especially used in small details, while her subjects tend to focus almost purely on children.

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Sara Zin

Sara Zin focuses in her work on the individual and identity. It’s all about “Who am I? What’s in a look? What’s in a face?”. Her process is “a mediative exercise in breaking up features and re-assembling them into new structured forms, imbued with abstract thoughts, feelings and impressions.” Born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in New York, Zin now lives with her husband in Seattle where she works as a designer.

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Megan Lara

Megan Lara is a 24 year-old illustrator with a ridiculous fixation on pop culture. You can find her work at places like Quantum Mechanix, ThinkGeek, Threadless, Level Up Studios, J!nx, Fangamer, Mighty Fine, Teefury and the Yetee. Currently, she is creating covers for Dark Horse/Joss Whedon’s new “Willow” comic series from the Buffyverse. Check out more of her fantastic work here.

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New Works by Sagaki Keita

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita (perviously here) recently updated his portfolio with a number of new works from 2012. Keita creates composite pen and ink illustrations using thousands of scribbled doodles that are drawn almost completely improvised, blending together to form incredibly detailed versions of famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or paintings.

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