Interview with Iker Spozio

Today, hot of the press, in our blog: A crunchy interview with illustrator Iker Spozio living in San Sebastián, Spain.

Iker is kind of oldschool in a charming way: His artworks, he says, are completely handmade and not modified at his computer.

Hats off, we say, because the results are pretty impressive: Several band posters and illustrations the artist has on board, which all slightly radiate an atmosphere of the 1960s or 70s.

So how did Iker become an artist in the first place? Read about it after the click!

Why and when did you start making art?
I’ve always loved creating stuff. I started drawing very early (as most children do). In addition to that, I come from a family of artists.

What kind of art do you make?
Technically speaking, my whole artwork is handmade and 100% computer free. I mostly do engravings, monotypes and collages. A lot of my artwork is music-related, since I love music and most of my clients are part of the indie/alternative music scene.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Well, from almost everything, I guess. I love nature, and recently landscape-painting has become a favourite.

What does your usual workday look like?
It definitely looks like fun. I terribly enjoy my work. It’s always accompanied by a „soundtrack“, since the very first thing I do each day is to put a record on.

How do you spend a perfect sunday?
Late breakfast, music, work, playing with my cat, a walk by the beach and a football match (that can make the day either glorious or horrible…). Sunday tends to be my less favourite day of the week, though.

What is your favourite taste of chocolate?
Any kind of chocolate is good for me!

Show me your favourite artwork (from your own collection or another artist)
Very difficult question. Anything by Caravaggio, maybe?…

Whom should we interview next?
No clue about that. I’m really not up to date with contemporary illustration/design.

If you could have coffee with a famous artist – dead or alive – whom would you choose?
Odilon Redon and Sophie Taeuber-Arp.

What is your philosophy of life?
Avoiding philosophies of any kind.

Thank you, Iker!