Month: March 2017

Interview with Matthias Heiderich

Today we would like you to meet Matthias Heiderich, a young self-taught photographer who is currently living and working in Berlin.

He mostly photographs Berlin in his very own unique and distinctive way. His work often explores the complexities of colour, is very architectural and minimalistic. You’ve never seen Berlin like this before!

Matthias aka massju also makes music on his own label “WeirdAndWired“, a netlabel for weird electronic music.

If you would like to know more about Matthias and his work, have a look at our interview!

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Ashes to Ashes: Yan Yongliang

A gigantic cigarette including the usual ash top is hanging from the ceiling of a museum. A cigarette, okay. We know cigarettes. But wait: Who takes a closer look at the installation “Cigarette Ash Landscape” made by Yan Yongliang will see that we’re not talking about a standard cigarette ash – but about tiny and lacy skylines made from paper!

Where the ash is falling down on the floor there is another pile of pictures of well-known capitals and cities of the world, surrounded by a bunch of happily blooming flowers. The artists seems to have acquired the steady hand during his studies: He loves traditional chinese art and calligraphy. We are thrilled! (Pssst…We have found the guy and his art at artschoolvets)

Find of the week: Delicacies made from wool

From right to left: Sushi by NeedleNoodles, Big Breakfast by Fluff and Fuzz, Chicken Dinner by TastyCrochet, Knitted Vegetables by Pecan_Sandies

Oh, they look so mouth-watering, these pictures, don’t they? But beware: it could get quite fluffy in your mouth when biting into them – they are made from wool entirely.

During the last month we often stumbled upon groceries made from wool. It seems to be a little trend to take the big knitting needles out of the closet and knitting a complete sushi menu or a pan full of well known vegetables while watching TV. Scarfs and woollen socks may be useful but quite boring, isn’t it?

Eyecandy: Shawn Smith

©Shawn Smith

Which boy (and girl!) did not love to play with Lego for hours when being a child? We were reminded of this wonderful pastime when taking a look at my feedreader this morning where we stumbled upon the sculptures of Shawn Smith. But beware: They are not made of Lego, but wood!Read More

Top 5: Interior Design Blogs

Interior Design have existed a dime a dozen for years now. When looking for inspiration for your home you may get caught on these websites for hours. If you put all those found ideas into practise after all is open to question – but nevertheless we here present you our five most loved interior design blogs.Read More

Artitst information March 2017 – new products and pricing

Dear Artflakers,

As previously announced, over the last few weeks we have published a lot of innovations. All of the improvements are in pursuit of the goal of increasing the attractiveness of our Artflakes marketplace to our customers and thus to substantially increase your sales! But let’s go in order.

Picture sizes:

We have expanded the size categories to include 4XL. This group includes the following individual sizes:

180x135cm; 180x120cm; 140x140cm; 200x100cm; and 260x85cm

The system automatically detects the resolution of individual motifs and offers this new format if the minimum resolution is met. Your sales will, of course, grow as the image size grows. Therefore, please upload as many high-resolution motifs as possible in the future.

New products:

The postcard is now our new entry-level product. They are available individually or in packs of 6 or 12 cards. The familiar folding card is still available, of course.

The Premium Poster (paper weight 250g/m2) has been joined by a poster with 190g/m2 paper weight. The difference between the Poster and Premium Poster is also that the Poster is printed on the entire surface, while the Premium Poster has a 5mm white edge all around. The peripheral edge and the very high quality paper mean that the Premium Poster can be framed as an art print itself after the fact.

Two new Gallery Prints have also been added, which provide you with a truly unique selling point. In addition to the acrylic glass direct print and aluminum matte direct print option that are currently available, there are now:

– Aluminum, silver metallic (brushed)

– Direct print on plastic

These new products are, of course, also available in the new 4XL large format.


We have recalculated our base prices for production, shipping, support, and the platform. We now have very inexpensive entry-level products, and the large formats and special finish versions are leading the market. This new calculation has been made possible by an expansion of our production. If the new calculation has a positive effect on sales of your images, it will become our new, everyday low price.

Tip: the new platform (coming by the end of 2017) will enable any motif to be ordered in any style. Until then, simply use our file upload at and write Artflakes artist in the comment field. With a base discount of 5%, Artflakers benefit from very good value for the price. We ship worldwide.

Maximum markup:

The adjustment to the maximum markup has now been implemented. Sales of images with a markup of over 50% were paused and they can now be adjusted one time by the affected artists. They will then be available for sale again immediately.

After the adjustment, this function will not be visible again at first. When the new artist backend is launched, this function will be available in stages for all accounts.

What’s next:

ARTFLAKES is on the way to becoming the most attractive marketplace for art prints with worldwide shipping. The production facility in Austin, Texas, handles manufacturing and shipping for the US and Canadian markets.

To make these many sales improvement measures a success for yourself, too, please follow our marketing tips ( and advertise diligently for your galleries on social media and among your friends, whether artists or customers.

Best regards,


Please check out our closed Facebook artists’ group, where you can reach out to us quickly and directly.

Find of the week: Sebastiaan Bremer

Well, we guess we cannot say it too often: It’s enough, dear winter, we’re fed up with you! It’s about time spring is coming to Germany with sun and warmth. So what are we going to do while the temperatures are still far below zero?

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Interview with Iker Spozio

Today, hot of the press, in our blog: A crunchy interview with illustrator Iker Spozio living in San Sebastián, Spain.

Iker is kind of oldschool in a charming way: His artworks, he says, are completely handmade and not modified at his computer.

Hats off, we say, because the results are pretty impressive: Several band posters and illustrations the artist has on board, which all slightly radiate an atmosphere of the 1960s or 70s.

So how did Iker become an artist in the first place? Read about it after the click!

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Artwork pick of the week: Fruit

Garbage as art, well – not everyone does like this. But the mix of more or less fresh blackberrys, mandarin peel and flower petals results in such a nice combination of colours within the photography called “Fruit” by Mike Shulhan, that we could not NOT take it as the artwork pick of the week.

After all the pieces of fruit radiate a nice hint of summer – which you, as usual, can buy as framed print, poster or canvas print and put it on your kitchen wall!

Top 10 of companies using instagram

We must admit: We’re addicted to the instagram app available for all iPhones and Android phones: Is there a better and quicker way to get stylish, vintage-looking pictures that you can share with your friends and the whole world with just one click?

But not only private people are using the app to snap their coffee table or the view from the hotel room in order to make their “followers” jealous, a steady growing amount of companies is using the virtual toy to give allow a glimpse behind the scenes. For some days there has been the option to hashtag your pictures as well: If you click on one of these words marked with a # you will only see pictures labelled with this keyword.

The Top 10 of companies using instagram:

1. National Geographic
2. Starbucks
3. Playboy
4. Coca Cola
5. Pepsi
6. CNN
7. NH Hotels
8. Brisk Ice Tea
9. Levi’s
10. NPR (US public radio)