Month: May 2017

“Back to the Future” art project

Nope, we’re not talking about the cult film from the 1980s here – but about the absolutely wonderful project of Irina Wernig, called “Back to the Future“. Wernig had always had a passion for old photographs, she writes on her homepage. And then, someday, she had the idea to invite several people to reconstruct pictures from their childhood.

A simple but stunning idea, isn’t it? So we look at the mop of curly hair – twenty years older, though – who tries to copy an old yearbook picture with his nerd glasses and a tooth space. Or take Matias, who stumbled around the beach nakedly as a toddler – 33 years later a lot of chest hair has been added, but he is still good at featuring this slightly manic expression. Hats off, Miss Wernig, we say. Enjoy browsing around her wonderful picture project!

Need a change of perspective?

Oops, what happened? Well, we certainly had rather not drive on this bridge – that is situated not far away from the Niagara Falls. It looks a bit, well, shaky. But don’t worry: It is only a screenshot you’re looking at, taken with Google Earth by Clement Valla. Who now sells them as postcards due to them looking so strange.

These surreal looking pictures are made when Google Earth imploringly tries to change from a two-dimensional view into a three-dimensional view. And is a bit too slow with that. We, however, are glad that the real world usually has now problems existing in 3D…

Eyecandy: Todd McLellan

©Todd McLellan

Men like it: breaking down technical stuff into its components to look how it exactly works. Todd McLellan is a real stereotype in this case, we guess, but he adds an artistic touch to it – after he has fumbled apart clocks, typewriters, video tapes and old radios, he arranges all small pieces. And takes a picture of them.

Because McLellan is a photographer and fascinated by the specific beauty of technical collections, it seems. But he does not only take pictures of these meticulously arranged componentes, but of the process of taking them apart as well. And then, well, it doesn’t look that easy anymore…

Interview with Kathryn McNaughton

An illustrator who draws her inspiration mainly from vintage porn magazines? Well! Anyway, we liked the pictures of Toronto based Kathryn McNaughton right away, which is why we boldly asked her some questions concerning her work.

Her pictures are a wild mixture of drawing, painting and collage, in most cases with a hidden message and always slightly gruff. But even without an extensive interpretation it is fun to click through the portfolio of this girl.

What she had to tell us? Read it yourself!

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Vinyl faces

Foto: William Petrovic/The Testoricci Family

We could spend hours and hours browsing around the Sleeveface-Blog: People from all over the world send in pictures with them holding vinyl covers in front of their nose. So that the rest of their body is perfectly fusing in with the picture shown on the cover.

In most cases completely new interpretations are created: Or do you think Ted Magend (on the left) was drying his hair half naked while having the portrait taken? We don’t think so!

What we like…

Today on our list of favourites: This picture of Jimi Hendrix. Nope, picture is actually understated, sculpture would fit better – because the musician in this case consists of dozens and dozens of plectrums.

That are the small plastic things keen guitarists hold between their fingers to avoid breaking their (surely not manicured) fingernails.

The artwork was created by Ed Chapman, who is famous for his mosaic pictures in his home country Great Britain. And it was made for a good cause as well, because it was auctioned off during an event for Cancer Research UK. We like!

Find of the week: Peter Freitag

At first sight the pictures made by Peter Freitag look like those usual snapshots from your flat. Maybe a bit wry, maybe not that suitable for the family album. But then you take a closer look: What the hell are all those spots doing there? Is it my eyes?

Nope. Because we’re talking amateur nude pictures here, taken of girls and published on the internet. Freitag simply grabbed them for his series “Private Stages” and made a decollage out of them by covering their silhouettes with dots – thus the main content of the picture vanishes or seems to be transparent. I guess the actual motifs must haven been rather shabby to look at anyway…

Interview with Melissa Azizi

Please welcome the lovely Melissa Azizi to our blog this week.

Melissa lives and works in Sydney (how we envy her!). When she is not working on projects for her own Production Company CineDream, or supporting and creating films, she creates beautiful and dreamy pictures.

One of Melissa’s photo projects is  The Daily Foto, an initiative where she shot 365 photos in 365 days (!), which she sells in her Etsy shop and where she donates 5% of each sale towards a charity of your choice. We like!

Where she draws her inspiration from, which her favourite chocolate is and who she thinks we should interview next, you can read right after the click.

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