Anouk Mercier

Anouk Mercier studied both in France and England. In her work she brings together different elements that include landscapes, botany, the figure and animals. What appeals to her “is something that’s visually really beautiful but that’s quite uncanny, uncomfortable and melancholy as well.” We especially like her series Chalet, of which are the images you see here.

Anouk Mercier ’s drawings “rely on the nostalgia of Romanticism, mythology and storytelling to depict melancholic worlds, undefined by time, space or location. Combining fragments from 17th and 18th Century landscape etchings, references to vintage postcards with her own mark making, her work confuses the boundaries of what is ‘real’, taking on a dream-like quality. Celebrating the power of imagination to escape the quotidian and the mundane.”

All images © Anouk Mercier (via)