Beatrice Boyle

Beatrice Boyle’s work is a mix of photography and painting. Boyle photographs gorgeous models (often using the same poses as in any magazine fashion ad) and then paints over them and distresses the image to make something new. With strokes of black or white paint she transforms the commercialized and seemingly perfect photos into works of art that speak out against a world focused on physical beauty.

“The figures in my paintings are people I have met or approached and asked to model for my work. I then set up photographs with the models, which are the starting point for my paintings. The dishevelled look of the figures was less a conscious decision, and more a result of the painting process, the brushstrokes are instinctive and harsh. When I paint I’m transforming the original image and, to a certain extent, destroying it. In that destruction there is the creation of something new. The process of painting subverts the image. The sinister, distressed atmosphere/ aesthetic of my work is something that is intentional.” (via)

All images © Beatrice Boyle (via)