Behind the scenes: Gregor Handschuch

Today at “Behind the scenes”: Gregor Handschuch, the pleasant voice on the phone when you ever feel the urge to call us in Berlin.

Besides, Gregor is a real coffee enthusiast and thus knows best how to handle our brandnew sparkling coffee machine.

What else?

What do you do at ARTFLAKES?
I’m here for the well-being of all artists and customers at ARTFLAKES, thus looking after all mails and phone calls. And for office stuff of all kinds.

Your favourite place in Berlin?
Well, I really can’t say. I have been here for 20 years now and still discover new favourite places…

If you had the choice, which artwork would you buy at ARTFLAKES?
A close-up of an insect. Yes, I like these things.

How do you spend your lunch break?
Walking through good old Kreuzberg and wondering that everything is changing all the time.

Without what couldn’t you live at the office?
Without my incredibly big computer screen.

Estimated coffee consumption per day?
About five cups. Well, maybe even more now, thanks to our new coffee machine!