Behind the scenes: Julia Schmitz

Today we met with Julia Schmitz, in love with all things written on ARTFLAKES.

Despite these hair-rising -11°C she hopped outside for a second to have her picture taken – and quickly rushed inside again with a warm coffee in her hand.

What do you do at ARTFLAKES?
I am responsible for blog, text on the website and translation as well as social media stuff like facebook and twitter.

Your favourite place in Berlin?
A bar called “Solar Bar” near Anhalter Bahnhof: Located on the 17th floor of an ugly concrete slab you have an overwhelming view of Berlin.

If you had the choice, which artwork would you buy at ARTFLAKES?
“Goodmorning” by Natascha Narvaez.

How do you spend your lunch break?
If the weather is nice I like to take a walk through Kreuzberg. If it’s raining I spend my break in the kitchen or at the desk – often accompanied by a spicy couscous salad.

Without what couldn’t you live at the office?
Colourful marker pens & my headphones for music.

Estimated coffee consumption per day?
2 – 3 cups a day. And then a piece of cake to stabilise my blood sugar level.