Behind the scenes: Lennart Melzer

And now for the next person behind ARTFLAKES: Lennart Melzer. Lennart is one of the Nerds in our office.

He spends his day with wild coding of our website and drinking marvelous amounts of coffee.

What do you do at ARTFLAKES?
Ensuring that ARTFLAKES is easy to use, all people involved have fun and can find new contents quickly.

Your favourite place in Berlin?
My own flat.

If you had the choice, which artwork would you buy at ARTFLAKES?
There is this function called “Photo to Art”, right? That would be my choice I guess…

How do you spend your lunch break?
Most of the time I go out for lunch with Niklas… but, well, it has become quite often by now.

Without what couldn’t you live at the office?
Withouth my colleagues. The office can be ever so nice, it’s boring when nobody is there.

Estimated coffee consumption per day?
Too much, I always liked the “double espresso”-button in our old office.