Behind the scenes: Mathias Fiedler

And on it goes: Today it’s the turn of chief developer Mathias Fiedler.

For our series “Behind the scenes” he took some time off of his nerdy stuff in order to answer the questions. And he wasn’t too shy to pose in his freshly bought glasses as well!

What do you do at ARTFLAKES?
The website, all things technical and the rest. Furthermore our CRM and the coming up with megalomaniac ideas.

Your favourite place in Berlin?
Does this Berlin really exists? I spend all my time at the office… Well, Boulderworx is quite nice as well.

If you had the choice, which artwork would you buy at ARTFLAKES?
Why “had”, I HAVE the choice! My last buy was the Fox on canvas.

How do you spend your lunch break?
Preferably with my colleagues at “Burgermeister”, the best burger shop in Berlin.

Without what couldn’t you live at the office?
To fulfil my role: my Mac. Apart from that I couldn’t live without my chair and my desk!

Estimated coffee consumption per day?
4-5 cups ? I would love to do something else, but the “I’m going to get a coffee” is such a nice way to clear your mind for a while.