Behind the scenes: Niklas Bolle

You may have asked yourself who exactly is this ARTFLAKES? With our new series “Behind the scenes” we will reveal to you who we are!

The beginning, of course, is made by the boss: Niklas Bolle.

What do you do at ARTFLAKES?
I am the managing director and thus responsible for the “Overall vision” of ARTFLAKES. Besides I look after recruiting and finances.

Your favourite place in Berlin?
The parks. My favourite one is the Tiergarten.

If you had the choice, which artwork would you buy at ARTFLAKES?
Everyday a different one. Today maybe “Clique” by Lala Gallardo.

How do you spend your lunch break?
With a dish of pasta at Bar Bianco on Schlesische Straße here in Kreuzberg. A small but lovely place.

Without what couldn’t you live at the office?
Without the feeling that there is progress in what we do. ARTFLAKES is such an interesting task where so many creative people are involved. There are new ideas every day. That feeling is irreplacable, doesn’t matter where or how you work.

Estimated coffee consumption per day?
Too much! Rather six cups than two…