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Interview with Ben Javens

The heart of England – this is where Ben Javens studied Fine Art at University and where he still lives and works as an illustrator. His drawings are clean and simple yet never boring to look at.

Why he started making art and how he usually spends his day he told us in an interview which you can read after the click!

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Interview with Morgan Blair

If inspiration strikes in Brooklyn – this is where Morgan Blair lives – everything must serve that is next to her: receipts, flyers or moleskine books she has put in her bag precautionary – nothing can stop Blair at that time.

That’s great, we think, because this is what her often absurd and wonderful drawings and paintings originate from. Maybe they are not finished with the final stroke, remain fragmentary. But always colourful!

Why Morgan Blair is making art at all and what kind of chocolate she likes best you can read after the click!

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Interview with Wojciech Kołacz

We’re pleased to announce our guest today: Polish artist Wojciech Kołacz aka. Otecki.

He loves spending his time with his printing press, being creative until it’s time for sleep. Or cruising his bike in the sunset…

But else did he have to tell us about his art and work?

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Now available at ARTFLAKES: Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte

Modigliani, Monet und Cezanne: art lovers will prick up their ears, because these are among the absolute classics of art history.

Almost 10.000 pictures out of the Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte (archive of art and history) are now availabe for sale at ARTFLAKES.

So you can buy the seemingly coquettish Jeanne Hebuterne by Amedeo Modigliani (on the left) for example as GalleryPrint or framed art print.

But we were not only allowed to take all those classics of art history, but several overwhelming photographies from the turn of the 19th century as well as fragile flower drawings and still lifes (e.g. “The bowl of cherries” by G. Garzoni, see below) were among the treasure. It’s worth taking a virtual stroll around the Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte!

Homepage of the Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte

Find: A chair made of sugar

It might be pure coincidence that Pieter Brenner – top hat and all – somewhat looks like Willi Wonka. But it is no secret that he shares a passion for sugar and sweets with the literary character: He has created a chair entirely made out of multi-coloured sugar.

If you order it custom made, it comes in a usual chair shape, of course. But then you can literally lick it in form: Why not eat up the back or one of the chair legs? Everything is possible with this funny furniture!

Interview with Anna Emilia Laitinen

Anna Emilia Laitinen, whom we want to introduce you to today with a little interview, was born in a small town in Finland in 1983. She spent her childhood strolling around strawberry fields and wild forest and swimming in icey blue lakes.

These experiences clearly have found their way into her lacy paintings you can see on her portfolio or at her blog and with which we fell in love instantly. Who didn’t like building burrows made of blankets, scarfs and cushions?

We have kindly asked her to take some time answering some questions about her inspiration and her work – and here is what she told us…

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Best of Blogs: Illustration

There are many nice illustrators selling their work via ARTFLAKES by now. But where do we get the inspiration for new artists on our page? Right – on several illustration blogs, among others. Today we want to show you our five favourite ones.

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Top 5 Blogs: Contemporary Art

“Is this art or can we throw it away?” – an often quoted (and so matching!) saying. To understand and like contemporary art is not very easy, we admit. Because often you cannot really see whether we’re talking a plain object or an artwork with a sophisticated theoretical background here.

Who would like to get into the topic without being stressed with high-flown scientifical analyses should take a look at the Top 5 Blogs about contemporary art we have chosen for you:

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Top 10 of companies using instagram

We must admit: We’re addicted to the instagram app available for all iPhones and Android phones: Is there a better and quicker way to get stylish, vintage-looking pictures that you can share with your friends and the whole world with just one click?

But not only private people are using the app to snap their coffee table or the view from the hotel room in order to make their “followers” jealous, a steady growing amount of companies is using the virtual toy to give allow a glimpse behind the scenes. For some days there has been the option to hashtag your pictures as well: If you click on one of these words marked with a # you will only see pictures labelled with this keyword.

The Top 10 of companies using instagram:

1. National Geographic
2. Starbucks
3. Playboy
4. Coca Cola
5. Pepsi
6. CNN
7. NH Hotels
8. Brisk Ice Tea
9. Levi’s
10. NPR (US public radio)

Bye Bye 2016


Another year has gone by. At ARTFLAKES we’re looking back at a successful 2016 with our re-design, and we hope you do too! So many new artists have joined our little world we call ARTFLAKES. It is great to see that you all enjoy our community. We couldn’t do it without you and our great customers of course.

We’re always working hard on making ARTFLAKES the best possible experience for our artists as well as customers. This year we’ve added some great new features and possibilities to cater your needs.

We are excited to see what 2017 has in store for us and we can’t wait to welcome even more artists to ARTFLAKES. We wish you all a Happy New Year and much success for 2017!