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Slawik Images now available at ARTFLAKES

Every little girls dreams of them, but adults are made gushing about thos pictures of thoroughbred horses: Thanks to a cooperation with Slawik Images more than 2.000 bewildering photograhpies of horses are now available for sale at ARTFLAKES:

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Behind the scenes: Lennart Melzer

And now for the next person behind ARTFLAKES: Lennart Melzer. Lennart is one of the Nerds in our office.

He spends his day with wild coding of our website and drinking marvelous amounts of coffee.

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Behind the scenes: Julia Schmitz

Today we met with Julia Schmitz, in love with all things written on ARTFLAKES.

Despite these hair-rising -11°C she hopped outside for a second to have her picture taken – and quickly rushed inside again with a warm coffee in her hand.

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Behind the scenes: Mathias Fiedler

And on it goes: Today it’s the turn of chief developer Mathias Fiedler.

For our series “Behind the scenes” he took some time off of his nerdy stuff in order to answer the questions. And he wasn’t too shy to pose in his freshly bought glasses as well!

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Behind the scenes: Niklas Bolle

You may have asked yourself who exactly is this ARTFLAKES? With our new series “Behind the scenes” we will reveal to you who we are!

The beginning, of course, is made by the boss: Niklas Bolle.

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