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Stacked by Ai Weiwei

The newest installation by famed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei features over 760 bikes. The installation titled Stacked has derived from his countries favorite form of transportation, the bike. China, also a nation known for mass production of bicycles, sees each of the bikes in the installation produced by Forever – the most notable design in the country. Stacked is on display at the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy, through February 16th, 2013. The exhibition also features various sculptures, installations, videos and photographs by Ai Weiwei.

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Interactive 3D Art Exhibition

In the Magic Art Special Exhibition held at the Hangzhou Peace International Conference & Exhibition Center in Hangzhou, China, you will not find signs saying “Do not touch”, it’s quite the opposite. To the delight of kids as well as some adults, visitors are explicitly encouraged to touch, take photos and interact as much as possible with the exhibits. The exhibition displays 3D art by 20 talented South Korean artists. The exhibition takes place until August 6, so if you’re around, don’t miss an opportunity to come and interact with these awesome 3D paintings.

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Tape Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

American street artist Mark Jenkins, who lives and works in Washington, uses ordinary packing tape to create life-size human or animal forms. He places the sculptures in urban space interacting with the surrounding buildings and public places that provide the context and set the stage. His works can be found around the world, from North and South America over Europe, Asia to the Middle East.

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