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The Museum of Me – Your social life in an exhibition

Well, yes – it is kind of weird using this feature created by intel and called “The Museum of Me”: Simply connect with your facebook account and all your social activities in the network are used to create a virtual exhibition in a virtual museum.

In a short film you then are led through the exhibition hall, see people standing in front of a wall full of all your profile and wall pictures or a video screen filled with your status updates. When I tried the fake museum, they told me the word I have used the most so far, was “I” – how appropriate!

(via Spreeblick)

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Colour explosion with Sarah Applebaum

© Sarah Applebaum

Well, this woman seems to have fun. A lot. But how else could it be regarding this amount of colours?  With her art Sarah Applebaum lives in a real explosion of colours – made out of several crocheted plaids and pillows and objects. Eyes straight!

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I guess many of you have used those plastic pearls as a child, where you could craft innocent pictures with and then turn them into wall hangings with the help of an flat-iron. Isn’t it?

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Find: A chair made of sugar

It might be pure coincidence that Pieter Brenner – top hat and all – somewhat looks like Willi Wonka. But it is no secret that he shares a passion for sugar and sweets with the literary character: He has created a chair entirely made out of multi-coloured sugar.

If you order it custom made, it comes in a usual chair shape, of course. But then you can literally lick it in form: Why not eat up the back or one of the chair legs? Everything is possible with this funny furniture!

Find: Gregory Euclide

In his past Gregory Euclide painted two-dimensional landscapes only. But he got bored of it soon: Couldn’t you make more of that? he thought. And started working three-dimensional by adding moss, paper, paint and figurines to his work.

The organic material proceeds taking its own way within the work, which adds a special charme to the mini-landscapes. Some of his sculptures were gardens rather than artworks, he recently explained in an interview. In order they do not change their appearance too much, they had to be taken care of and watered regularly. That is quite unique – since when do you have to take over responsibility for the wellbeing of an artwork?

The secret world of books…

Nope, we’re not talking girly dolls houses here: The dark and gloomy libraries and cellar rooms made by Marc Giai Miniet are not the perfect place for rose coloured Barbie dolls.

How long the artists, who by the way is located in France, does need to create one of the sculptures, where every one is as high as a cupboard, we don’t know yet. But it seems like his studio is full to the brim with those miniature worlds that evokes different – and more gloomy – associations than a normal doll house…

Find: Derek Weisberg

Derek Weisberg, New Life (Ceramic) / Auroral Dreams Still Hover (Ceramic) 2010

“I create works of art that are emotional and psychological self-portraits. Through my work I aim to make sense of my life, my experiences, and the times I live”, artist Derek Weisberg has written on his website.

And it is true, if we’re looking at the sculptures he creates: They do not look beautiful in the common sense, but they always express a certain feeling or atmosphere you cannot evade.

It is his aim, he further acknowledges, to create images that allow the viewer to have an experience that can not be easily articulated. That’s okay, I think – it might be a better choice to just contemplate the artwork rather than interprete it to death.

We present: Brendan Monroe

Maybe the sculptures made by Brendan Monroe look a bit, well, bizarre at first sight. A glaring red fluffy ball with legs? A male figure without a face but instead a body full of lumps?

The creatings of the Swedish artist may not be accessible directly, but even more interesting if you take a closer look. Several of his artworks are made out of wood, but look like they were manufactured out of a smoother material like dough or clay.

Often these sculptures radiate an atmosphere of solitude, which can be found – despite all those nice and warm colours – in the paintings of Monroe as well.

Working in the Bell Jar

The weather can be lovely and sunny outside – but if you happen to work in this office, you will surely not feel cut off from nature. It was created by Christian Pottgiesser, an architect from France.

All employees of both companies the architectural jewel was made for, work ar´t their own little honeycomb-like desk. Transparent globes shield their phones and computers (and thus the noise) from their colleagues, but without obstructing the view of them. Trees – whether they are real or artificial we’re not quite sure – growing between the desks add a cosy atmosphere to the room. Well, why can’t all offices be as nice as that!

Best of Blogs: Illustration

There are many nice illustrators selling their work via ARTFLAKES by now. But where do we get the inspiration for new artists on our page? Right – on several illustration blogs, among others. Today we want to show you our five favourite ones.

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