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Interview with Ashley Alexander

When you are a child, animals have a kind of magic aura around them: in fairy tales and stories they can talk and dress like human beings. When you grow up, however, this magic somehow gets lost, Ashley Alexander is convinced.

So in her artworks – which we want to feature today with this interview – she tries to bring back this magic to our daily life.

Read on if you want to know what else she had to tell us…

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Interview with Fernando Chamarelli

Fernando Chamarelli – our guest today – started drawing and painting quite late compared to other artists.

But this didn’t stop him to create his very own personal style over the years: A mix of folk art, mosaic, graphic elements and religious motifs.

We took a closer look at his exciting and colourful paintings and decided to ask him where he draws his inspiration from…

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Interview with Ben Javens

The heart of England – this is where Ben Javens studied Fine Art at University and where he still lives and works as an illustrator. His drawings are clean and simple yet never boring to look at.

Why he started making art and how he usually spends his day he told us in an interview which you can read after the click!

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Interview with Morgan Blair

If inspiration strikes in Brooklyn – this is where Morgan Blair lives – everything must serve that is next to her: receipts, flyers or moleskine books she has put in her bag precautionary – nothing can stop Blair at that time.

That’s great, we think, because this is what her often absurd and wonderful drawings and paintings originate from. Maybe they are not finished with the final stroke, remain fragmentary. But always colourful!

Why Morgan Blair is making art at all and what kind of chocolate she likes best you can read after the click!

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Get to know… aka-aki

Day by day we’re walking around town without really looking at the people around us. But wouldn’t it be interesting to know who’s that guy next to you in the tram? Or the girl that is standing next to the traffic light? The free mobile app aka-aki does make this possible!

We spoke to founder Roman Hänsler for our series “Get to know…” about the idea of aka-aki, the funny name and the advantages of the app.

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Interview with Tessa Hulls

Tessa Hulls is a big fan of all kinds folcloric – which you can see if you take only one simple look at her work. She usually lives in Seattle, USA, but is currently riding her bike across the country, looking for inspiration.

For our interview she stopped cycling for a minute and told us about her work, her favourite artists and her passion for chocolate milkshakes.

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Interview with Stacey Rozich

Stacey Rozich, a Seattle based artist, is our favourite guest this week in our virtual coffeehouse.

She studied Illustration at California College of Arts in San Francisco and is now working as a freelancer.

Her colourful artworks seem to come from a ancient, fairy tale like world: Often her characters are wearing traditional costumes from Scandinavia or Eastern Europe, huge but fluffy monsters, scary looking masks and flowers are involved as well.

Want to know where Stacey is drawing her inspiration from? Take a look!

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Interview with Aëla Labbé

Please welcome Aëla Labbé,photographer and dancer from Nantes, France. Her tender, often a bit blurry pictures radiate a dreamy atmosphere you can find in old fairy tales. Flower wreaths, soft colours, forests and lakes are among her main motifs.

Where does  Aëla take her inspiration from and how did it happen she is now working as an artist? We have “sounded her out” with a short interview.

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Interview with Matthew Hodson

Matthew Hodson aka Matthew The Horse is an illustrator from Leeds, UK. And no, he is not a horse, he is a regular guy. His works have been featured in different papers and magazines like Grafik Magazine and Dazed Digital. His works are fun and fresh, and sometimes little odd, which makes them even better.

Read more about Matthew, his work and life in our interview.

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Interview with Esra Roise

Esra Roise is a freelance illustrator based in Oslo, Norway. Inspired by music, peoples, magazines and everyday-life situations, she creates fresh and colorful fashion illustrations. So far she already worked for Nylon, Vice and Vogue (China) amongst others.

You wanna know more about Esra Roise and her work? Then read our interview after the jump!

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