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Looking into the past: Our find of the week

Foto: Flickr / squirrel brand

Is there anyone among us who is not a little bit nostalgic sometimes, looking back at those “good, old times”? On Flickr we recently stumbled upon a group that loves to indulge in this looking back: Looking into the past.

They do this by taking old photographies back to the place they were taken and precisely insert them into a new picture. Thus we get an impressive impression of how the world we live in has changed during years or decades – or not.

Now we feel like taking out those old boxes from dusty racks and go on a picture tour with the pictures from uncle Hermann and aunt Trudi, don’t we?

Artwork pick of the week: Wiesenglück

Wiesenglück” – a wonderful and appropriate word for beginning spring. The picture that we have chosen as artwork pick of the week today depicts a perfect day in late summer: butterflies fluttering around, bees humming, clouds floating past and the freshly cut field is smelling softly. It’s quiet.

Whoever happens to have a car breakdown in this surrounding probably doesn’t mind being stuck there for a while, photographer Max Nemo Mertens has written as a description of his artwork, which you can buy as a framed art print among others. It would even be a pity to have to leave this place when the yellow ADAC car is coming down the street in order to destroy the idyllic scene…

Artwork pick of the week: Fruit

Garbage as art, well – not everyone does like this. But the mix of more or less fresh blackberrys, mandarin peel and flower petals results in such a nice combination of colours within the photography called “Fruit” by Mike Shulhan, that we could not NOT take it as the artwork pick of the week.

After all the pieces of fruit radiate a nice hint of summer – which you, as usual, can buy as framed print, poster or canvas print and put it on your kitchen wall!

Artwork pick of the week: Tiger

Is it Carnival? Yes. And some people might think of this when looking at the picture “Tiger“, taken by Faraci Alexandre. Nope, it’s the highlight of the “fifth season” (as we call it in Germany), but this is not a reason to refrain from dressing up as a lascivious cat sometimes, isn’t it?

The picture would look stunning as a framed print or GalleryPrint above your homey couch, we think – and would bring some life into the four walls of one or the other!

Artwork pick of the week: Porcellana

She looks tender, fragile and like a doll: The girl on our artwork pick of the week, entitled “Porcellana” created by Colin Bourbon.

This picture – which you can, as usual, order as poster, art print or canvas print among others at ARTFLAKES – is not only intriguing due to the large eyes of the model, but due to her full lips and of course her extraordinary and fluffed hairstyle as well. Somehow this pictures reminds us of one of these large-scaled portraits of the old masters: Wherever you are in the room – the eyes will follow you. Scary, but beautiful!

Advent calendar: Door Nr.7

Taking a look from the distance on the picture  “Guatemala Market” taken by Jean du Boisberranger could make you think: What kind of colourful bustle is that? Looking closer, you can see dozens of people hustling and pushing on a marketplace, clad in traditional costumes and carrying big bags of market goods in their hands. This interesting, colorful picture is behind our Advent door Nr. 7.

You can literally feel, smell and taste what is happening on this Central American ground: Exclamatory voices advertising their own goods as well as aromatically smelling fruit and vegetables – add the overwhelming colours and I guess you need no further explanation why we chose this picture as artwork pick of the week?

Artwork pick of the week: Venice

The picture we have chosen as out ARTFLAKES artwork pick of the week does exude – wich sugar-sweet colours and fresh flowers – a comfortable feeling of summer, sun and relaxation.

Just look at the picture – which is simply called “Venice, Italy, by the way” – for some minutes and imagine strolling around the warm lagoon city in your flip flops with a pastel coloured ice cone in your hand, enjoying life. You could almost forget that summer is still several months away, couldn’t you?

The picture is available at ARTFLAKES as poster, framed art print, canvas print, GalleryPrint oder greeting card. As usual.

Artwork pick of the week: “Cactus”

We are quite spiky this week with our ARTFLAKES artwork pick. But the picture “Cactus“, taken bei Romanian artist Ioana Epure has simply convinced us: What an intriguing combination of colour! Epure, having lived in Birmingham, UK for some time now, has make her mark as a documentary and concert photographer.

Despite these cactuses aren’t able to make music, they are not less interesting to look at, isnt’t it? You can buy them on ARTFLAKES a  greeting card, poster, framed print, canvas print or Galleryprint.

Artwork pick of the week: “Montage”

“A girl knitting herself”, artist Robert Scholten has written as a description of his picture with the title “Montage“.

And indeed it seems like the woman, whose outline of her body is only visible to some extent and who is wearing not more than a pair of striped socks, is extending her hairdo with thick knitting needles.

Thus the illustration, which you can buy at ARTFLAKES as poster, framed art print or greeting card among others, radiates a whiff of surrealism somehow…

Artwork pick of the week: “Spectres”

Spectres” our first artwork pick of the week of the year 2016 is named. Although those alleged ghosts do not look THAT awfully creepy: The colourful mountains made out of triangles, where the spectres are bent over, add a fair portion of joy to the picture.

And the beating hearts, that seem to provide these two characters with enough circulating blood, make them look even more human. The fact is that this illustration made by artist Lala Gallardo – who, according to her profile at ARTFLAKES, likes to work with cloth, paper, ceramcis, plastic or even wood – brightens up our mood.

You can buy the artwork of the week as Art print, GalleryPrint, Greeting Card, Poster or Canvas print. Go for it and Happy Halloween!