Cats in Clothes by Heather Mattoon

Can there ever be enough cat content on the internet? Probably not! So, we thought we also contribute to the cat madness on the internet and present to you some of Heather Mattoon’s lovely kitten paintings from her series “Cats in Clothes”.

All these kittens of course have names, occupations and wear cool clothes just like their keepers. For example those two you see above are Alex (right), a bit of an awkward teenager that wears his christmas sweater all year long and is desperately trying to start a band, and Elise (left), a 3 year old kitten that likes to eat clovers from the back yard. Cute-Alert!

Savannah is a city girl, feminine and fierce! She takes kick-boxing classes and works as a wine buying consultant.

Margaret makes her own clothes and is currently working on christmas booties for her family and friends.

Brewster does not like walking to school in the snow.

All images © Heather Mattoon

(via trendland)