Five Favorite Instagrammers

Since launching the exciting new feature allowing artists and art lovers to buy and sell Instagrams on ARTFLAKES, we’ve become even more crazy about our favorite square-format photo sharing community. The recent ARTFLAKES Instagram contest introduced us to many Instagrammers including our winners Melissa Vincent, Rodion Kovenkin, and Ozer Kurt. With over 100 million users around the world and so many beautiful images out there, we’d like to present our five favorite Instagrammers this week.

Marianne Hope loves the small size, availability and simplicity of her iPhone, together with the apps and filters which allow for unlimited and easy editing on-the-go. Her Instagram @mariannehope is beautiful gallery of creative, well-composed photos that are striking in their simplicity. She says, “I am a big believer of the expression ‘less is more’. I think keeping things simple and visually easy, is something that makes my photography stand out and be eye-catching.”

São Paulo graphic designer Danny Zappa (or @dannyzappa on Instagram) is “constantly trying to look at the world from a brighter side and a better angle.” With Instagrams that are often quite structural, Danny’s philosophy for beautiful mobile photography is: “train yourself to always keep an eye out for a different angle to the things and places you go by on a daily basis.” Keeping it simple, he advocates cropping images to keep compositions relevant, and uses the PS Express app for straightening, cropping, color and contrast enhancement.

“I think that pictures are the true universal language. It is exciting to see how people all over the world can appreciate your work, how a photo can provoke the same emotion in people that come from completely different contexts,” says Juan Jerez. An architect and art historian, Spanish-born Juan Jerez’s Instagrams @juanjerez are evocative of his education in the artistic classics and his passion for cities. In fact, he’s currently working on a project with a Spanish writer, described as “a sort of love poem” to his current home, Paris.

Çiler Geçici captures bright vivid snippets of daily life and her surroundings in Turkey. “I like the fact that I can connect with thousands of people and share my photos instantly,” she says of Instagram, where she’s known as @audiosoup. While she takes iPhone photos without using applications, Çiler instead uses apps such as Snapseed, Picfx, Pixlromatic and Camera+ after shooting to create her vivid Instagrams. “Apps are very useful in giving photos a whole new look and feeling.”

The Dutchman with a great eye for both landscapes and small details, Eelco Roos – or @croyable as he’s better known on Instagram – loves the social, community element of Instagram. Always finding a new angle of daily life to capture, Eelco believes: “mobile photography can show you that beauty can be found in every square inch.” However he also notes that basic rules of photography particularly apply to mobile. “Composition and light is everything, low light situations rarely create good images on a mobile device.”