instagram and picplz – now as stickers on ARTFLAKES!

Instagram und Picplz – two apps for your mobile phone that are used by thousands or even millions of people worldwide by now. Take a snapshot, put a filter over it and you get a lovely picture with a vintage look.

But then? Currently all pictures are only visible for other users of the app. This is now changed thanks to ARTFLAKES, because here you can have your snapshots printed as stickers! 10x10cm (4x4inch) they are, and you can attach them to everything that isn’t nailed down: laptops, desktops, folders, windows, walls… and and and. And if you’re fed up with having a sticker on this thing, simply remove it – this is possible with these ARTFLAKES stickers as well!

Now quickly get your smartphone – snap snap! – insert your name and order: 10 stickers are 14,90 Euro, 25 stickers 29,90 Euro and 50 stickers 44,90 Euro. Add 2,90 Euro for shipping and start, well, sticking!