Interview with Esra Roise

Esra Roise is a freelance illustrator based in Oslo, Norway. Inspired by music, peoples, magazines and everyday-life situations, she creates fresh and colorful fashion illustrations. So far she already worked for Nylon, Vice and Vogue (China) amongst others.

You wanna know more about Esra Roise and her work? Then read our interview after the jump!

Why and when did you start making art?
I’ve been drawing since I was just a little girl, and it has always been something that has gives me lots of joy, and ive never really had any other plan. Drawing has always been the only thing ive really really wanted to do, so I guess I’ve never really pursued anything else with the same passion. I love my job!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I find inspiration everywhere, really. In people around me, popular culture, books, youth culture, magazines and music, but the fashion industry and the internet are my absolute go-to sources for neverending inspiration.

You do commissions for a bunch of different magazine, how is the work for clients differ from your personal work for own exhibitions for example?
Well, for a start there’s often a more or less set brief when I am working for clients. I’ve been lucky enough to be graced with awesome clients that often let me play around with the given tasks, and just do my thing, which I very much enjoy. But that being said, I try to accoodate the clients wish as much as I can without compromising my own aesthetic when working with a specific brief. With personal work it is more of a spur of the moment-inpirations that can go in any which direction I chose. I often start doodeling with no special direction and it just takes on a life of its own throughout the process.

How does your usual workday look like?
I try to separate my private life with my job life by working only to certain hours a day, but having an office at home the boundries tend to blend together so if I have a lot to do, I’ ll just stay at home and draw all day.

When you are not working, how do you spent your spare time?
I hang out with my hub and friends, watch movies, read books, go to concerts and drink coctails and silly-dance with my hands over my head. Or watch thrash-tv. I do a lot of that too. Haha

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?
Any kind! But the darker the better!

Coffee or tea?
Both, please!

Who is your favorite artist or do you have a favorite artwork?
I have many favorites, but I absolutely adore David Hockney. His use of color is so inspiring!

Whom you think should we interview next, any suggestions?
Finnish illustrator Laura Laine, or Britsh illustrator Chrissie Abbott, they are both amazing in their own unique way!

What is your philosophy in life?
Treat others like you want to be treated yourself.

Thank you, Esra!